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From 2nd January 2019 , next day inspections are being introduced as long as they are booked before 4pm the previous day.  Inspections can still be booked by phone or email.  We are introducing the LABC Inspection Request App which links directly to our building control software enabling you to request an inspection at any time of the day or night.   The App is available for Apple and Android  devices and can be downloaded for free. 

Building Regulation fees for April 2018 to April 2019

We are pleased to announce that by keeping our costs down we have been able to keep our fees the same as last year. This means that we are even better value for money! 

Our fees can be found here

Changes to the Approved Documents

The following changes came into effect on 1 October 2015:

Part G - Water Efficiency

Requires estimated water use to be no more than 110 litres per person per day (instead of the normal 125 litres per person per day) where a planning authority makes it a condition of planning approval (in line with a policy in the Local Plan).

Regulation G2 has been amended to allow for the requirements to be met using a “fittings-based approach”. This allows compliance to be demonstrated without completing the Water Calculator. Compliance demonstrated if all fittings at least as efficient as specified in new Tables 2.1 and 2.2.

Part H - External Waste Storage

The design should be carefully considered  where it is in a publicly accessible place or open area. Provisions in H6 also apply where there is a change of use e.g. from a house to flats.

Part M - Access to and Use of Buildings

Part M now comes in two volumes; Volume 1: Dwellings and Volume 2: Buildings other than dwellings.

New Regulation M4 applies to new dwellings and is split into 3 parts.

M4(1) – Category 1 Visitable dwellings.

M4(2) – Category 2, Accessible and adaptable dwellings.

M4(3) – Category 3, Wheelchair user dwellings.

Provision of category 2 and 3 houses will only be required if they are stipulated in the Local Plan. The Planning Authority may ask for such provision when a planning application is submitted.

Part M Volume 2 – Buildings other than dwellings. Guidance in Volume 2 for buildings other than dwellings has not been changed. Regulations M1, M2 and M3 will solely apply to buildings other than dwellings. 

Part Q - Security

This is a brand new approved document and requires that reasonable provision must be made to resist unauthorised access to any dwelling, and any part of a building from which access can be gained to a flat within the building. Note that this will apply to the erection of a new dwelling and also changes of use to a dwelling.

About the Approved Documents

The Department for Communities and Local Government publishes guidance called ‘Approved Documents’ on ways to meet building regulations.

These contain:

• general guidance on the performance expected of materials and building work in order to comply with the building regulations
• practical examples and solutions on how to achieve compliance for some of the more common building situations

Part R - Physical infrastructure for high-speed electronic communications networks

This came into effect on 1st January 2017.

This Approved Document introduces a new requirement for in-building physical infrastructure which enables copper or fibre-optic cables or wireless devices capable of delivering broadband speeds greater than 30 Mbps to be installed. The requirement applies in England to new buildings and to existing buildings that are subject to major renovation works and applies both to dwellings and to buildings other than dwellings.

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