How to make your Building Regulations application

Making your Building Regulations application

There are various types of Building Regulations Application depending on the nature of your project.

The Building Control application submission guide will help you to decide which is best for you.

View fee codes for all application types.

Full Plans

Can be used for any type of work, where you require your drawings to be checked and approved by us.

Application Form: Full Plans Application

Guidance: Standard Charges A, Standard Charges B and Standard Charges C applies.

Building Notice

For simple domestic works.

Application Form: Building Notice Application

Guidance: Standard Charges A and Standard Charges B applies.


Only for use when works have been undertaken without building regulation approval

Application Form: Regularisation Form

Guidance: Standard Charges A and Standard Charges B applies.


Where a building, or part of a building is to be demolished.

Application Form: Demolition Form

Guidance notes: Demolition guidance note


Application Form: Reversion Form

Fees and Charges

Building Control fees and quotes are bespoke and new fees come into place from 1 April 2022. Please call 01255 686111 or email for a fee quote.

Last updated on: 11/08/2022 - 10:47