Building Control Services we provide

Due to current very high demands of our service it may take a little longer than usual to get back to you and you may need to account for this in the planning of your project.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience during this time.

The Tendring District Council Building Control team provides a breadth of services and provides constructive input as part of the development team, through both the plans assessment and site inspection process.

The team is able to provide a high quality service using professional personnel with extensive local knowledge and experience.

Contact number: 01255 686111


Key Services

Pre submission advice

Should you require initial pre submission advice, contact our administrative support team who may be able to answer your question or take details for one of our surveyors to respond directly.
Any advice can be given face to face, through a teams meeting, email or via telephone.

Submissions and assessment

We will review applications and provide a fee quote.  Once the fee has been paid, we will assess the plans and request any appropriate additional information.  Once we receive this we will consider the plans and issue an appropriate decision.

Site inspections

We will tell you about an inspection regime at the validation stage which will need to be followed.

We normally carry out inspections between 10.30am and  2.30pm.

Completions and Certifications

We will inspect the works.  Once they are completed in accordance with the building regulations, we will issue a completion certificate, normally by email.

Post Completion

Once completed, the initial point of contact for all Building Control matters is the administrative support team.

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