Planning Committee - 7 September 2016

Chairman's Announcements

Apologies for Absence and Substitutions

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Declarations of Interest

A.1 - Planning Application - 16/00870/OUT - Land West of Heckfords Road, Great Bentley, CO7 8RR

Part 1 - Speaker:  Officer

Part 2 - Speakers Included: Mr Peter Harry and Parish Councillor Ms Pippa Drew

Part 3 - Speakers Included: Councillor McWilliams;  Mr David Barnes (Agent for the Applicant)

Part 4 - Speakers Included: Councillor Everett;  Councillor  Hones;  Councillor Hughes and Officer

Part 5 - Speakers Included: Officer;  Councillor Heaney;  Councillor Baker and Councillor Bennison

Part 6 - Speakers Included: Councillor Everett; Bennison; Solicitor and Officer; Councillor Everett; Councillor White and Councillor Bennison

Part 7 - Speakers Included: Officer; Councillor Everett; Councillor Hones; Councillor White, Councillor Hughes and Councillor Bennison

Part 8 - Speakers Included: Councillor Everett;  Officer;  Councillor Heaney and Councillor Bennison

Part 9 - Speakers Included: Councillors Bennison and Councillor Fowler

Part 10 - Speakers Included: Councillor Heaney; Officer; Councillor Bennison and Councillor Everett


A.2 - Planning Application - 15/01787/FUL - Site to South of Pound Corner, Harwich Road, Mistley, CO11 2DA


Speakers Included:  Officer;  Councillor McWilliams;  Councillor Bennison and Councillor Fowler


A.3 - Planning Application - 16/00782/OUT - Park 2 Land at Badley Hall Farm, Badley Hall Road, Great Bromley, CO7 7HU


Part 1 - Speaker:  Officer

Part 2 - Speakers Included: Councillor Nicholls; Councillor Heaney and Councillor White

Part 3 - Speakers Included: Councillor Hones; Councillor McWilliams;  Councillor Fairley;  Councillor Everett;  Councillor Baker; Officer and Councillor Heaney

Part 4 - Speakers Included: Councillor Bennison; Councillor Hughes and Councillor McWilliams


A.4 - Planning Application - 16/00597/FUL - Land Adjacent Chartfield Cottage, Chartfield Drive, Kirby-le-Soken, CO13 0DB


Speakers Included: Officer;  Councillor Heaney;  Councillor Baker;  Councillor McWilliams;  Councillor Everett;  Councillor Fairley and Councillor Bennison 

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