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Before you make your comment, please read the following information.

Our Planning Public Access system will let you view planning applications, planning appeals and enforcement cases back to 1990. As well as looking at past applications you will also be able to view current planning applications including plans, comments and important dates of which you need to be aware.

Once you have found the application you want to look at, you can then see the documents associated with this application. These can include the application forms, plans and decision (if made). If the decision has not yet been made, you can also click, 'Make a public comment' . You are able to make an observation, support or object to a planning application.

Comments that are submitted electronically via Public Access will appear under the ‘Comments’ tab.  Those that are submitted via email or letter will be referred to in the Comments section but will appear in the ‘Documents’ section.

The "Public Access" links on this page allows you to search for current planning applications as well as previous ones back to 1990. There are a number of ways to search including by address, application number, parish, dates and using an interactive map.

Commenting on Planning Applications

By choosing to comment and participate in the planning process, you are agreeing to the statements and considerations below and accept legal responsibility for your comments.  Tendring District Council accepts no liability for the nature or content of the comments made and does not monitor the website.

Please note as we receive thousands of representations every year our officers are unable to acknowledge or reply individually to each comment nor enter into further correspondence.

You are able to comment on, object to or support an application online or via email or letter using PUBLIC ACCESS

You will need to register before you are able to comment online, but you may view the plans and documents associated with applications without registering. Once registered, you will be sent a verification email with a link to follow that takes you back to Public Access.

To find the application you are interested in, you can search using the application number, the postcode, part of the address or a keyword in the development description. 

a) In accordance with National Guidance, your name and address will be published alongside your comment.   Anonymous comments can be submitted, but will have little or no weight.

Avoid putting your email address or signature in the text and please do not supply personal information about yourself or any other person. For example:

“I am making this comment on behalf of my 90 year old mother who lives alone at 121 Acacia Avenue

“My neighbour works away all week therefore the house is empty and the proposal will have no effect on him”

b) Your comment, or an extract from your comment, could be published by a third party such as a local newspaper or social media website.

c) Racist, defamatory, slanderous or otherwise offensive or abusive comments are not constructive or helpful to the planning process and may result in action being taken by the police or individuals affected by such comments.

d) The comment page will ‘time out’ after approximately 50 minutes.  To ensure your comment isn’t lost, create a draft in either Notepad or Wordpad then paste it into the appropriate field.

e) Please note that there is a 2000 character limit for online comments.  Should your comment exceed this amount please email your document to and a member of the team will upload the comment for you.

There are limits to the range of concerns that a planning authority is allowed to take into account when making decisions.  Here are some of the valid planning matters that you may wish to comment on :

-           Planning Policy and Case Law
-           Previous decisions on the same site or in comparable circumstances;
-           Design, size, appearance and layout;
-           Effects on amenity, loss of light, overshadowing, loss of privacy, noise or odour nuisance;
-           Impact on trees, landscape, nature conservation, listed buildings or conservation areas;
-           Highways safety, traffic and parking.

Objecting to a planning application does not necessarily mean it will be refused and the number of comments received about an application is less important than the type of comments received.

Issues that cannot normally be considered are :

-           Effects on property values;
-           Loss of a view;
-           Competition with an existing business;
-           Land ownership or boundary disputes;
-           Restrictive covenants, private rights or easements;
-           Personal circumstances of the applicant;
-           Preference for an alternative development

Please note that unfortunately the maps don't currently display properly if you are using Internet Explorer 10. However if you put your browser into compatibility mode, then the maps will display correctly. For more information on compatibility mode, please use the following Microsoft link: Microsoft browser compatibility mode information

This service is unavailable between 00:00 – 02:00hrs each night while we take a backup (copy) of the system.

You'll find more details about the commenting process on our "Comment on a planning application" page. 

If you would like us to send you notice of a Planning Appeal you will need to provide your address when submitting a comment.

If you would like to request any copies of plans or decisions you will need to put this into writing informing us of the address and any reference numbers along with a cheque for the correct photocopying fee to

Planning Reception
Tendring District Council
Thorpe Road
CO16 9AJ

Or you can come and see us in person.

The Reception/Enquiries Office will be open to visitors from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday.

If you wish to speak to our Reception team between 3pm and 5pm please call 01255 686161 and they will be pleased to help you.

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