Co-regulation is about landlords and tenants working together to monitor performance and promote transparency. To help us do this, we have set up a group called our Tenants Performance & Scrutiny Panel, to look at how our services are performing and how we can improve them.

This group meets us once a quarter and they chooses the areas of our performance that they wish to scrutinise.

They have also been trained in developing and monitoring our performance standards, agreed our targets for the current year and monitored how we performed last year and how this compared with other housing providers.

You can view the terms of reference for this group. Members of this group also help us to produce our annual report showing how we have met the standards outlined in the table below, as well as our plans for improving our performance.

Tenants Performance and Scrutiny Panel Terms of Reference

StandardWhat this covers
Tenant involvement and empowerment

Customer service, choice and complaints

Involvement and empowerment

Understanding and responding to the diverse needs of tenants


Quality of accommodation

Repairs and maintenance





Neighbourhood and communityNeighbourhood management

Local area co-operation

Anti social behaviour

Value for moneyValue for money

Financial viability

  * This standard or part of standard does not apply to local authorities.

Request a Scrutiny Review

Request a Scrutiny Review Form

There is a route for groups of tenants living in the district to request that members of our Tenants Performance and Scrutiny Panel look at specific areas of our service. They will then consider any requests received and decide by majority vote whether to carry out the scrutiny review.

A request for scrutiny can be made by:

• 5 or more members of the Tenants Panel

• Any residents association recognised by us.

• A council tenant of the district, who has the support of 10 other tenants whose names and signatures should be included on the application form.

A request for a scrutiny review can relate to any housing service provided by the Council but the scrutiny group focus on things that matter most to tenants and on outcomes that will make a difference to the wider council tenant population. Examples of issues that the Tenants Performance and Scrutiny Panel will not be able to review include formal complaints or Ombudsman enquiries, individual service requests or explanations as to action taken.

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