Information for Beach Hut Owners

All beach huts are classed as non-domestic and therefore attract National Non Domestic Rates (Business Rates).

You will receive a National Non Domestic Rates Bill in addition to your licence fee (Further information on licence fees can be viewed here) when you become responsible for the beach hut and queries should be directed to:

Revenues and Benefits Service
National Non-Domestic Rates Section
88-90 Pier Avenue
Clacton on sea
CO15 1TN

How much will you have to pay

Every non-domestic property has a rateable value. The Council works out your bill by multiplying the rateable value by the rate in the pound set every year by the Government. The Valuation Office Agency (an Executive Agency of HM Revenues and Customs) determines the rateable value of each beach hut. Further details can be obtained from:

The Valuation Officer for Tendring District Council
Valuation Office Agency
Durham Customer Service Centre
Wycliffe House
Green Lane

Tel: 03000 501501

Small Business Rate Relief

Beach hut owners are entitled to claim this relief if you do not own any other Beach huts/boat sites or a business property.

The Beach hut transfer form now has a section on the reverse where you can confirm whether this is your only non-domestic property.  If the form you completed did not have this section you can still apply for the relief by completing our online form.

Paying your account

You can pay your account by direct debit through your bank. A Direct Debit Instruction can be found on the reverse of your bill. Alternative payment methods are available and are also detailed on the reverse of your bill.

View further information on paying your Business Rates here.

Selling your beach hut

National Non Domestic Rates are charged on a daily basis. Therefore, if you sell your beach hut your account will be apportioned up to the date of sale and an amended account will be issued together with an application form for a refund.

It is not necessary to apportion the non-domestic rates in the sale. Please do not give your bill to the purchaser of your beach hut. This is important if you have claimed Small Business Rate Relief and the new owner is not eligible under the scheme.

Charitable Organisations

Charities are entitled to mandatory rate relief from payment of the business rates on any non-domestic property that is wholly or mainly used for charitable purposes. Relief is given at 80 per cent of the bill. The Council also has the discretion to give further relief on the remaining bill.

Click here for further information on reducing your bill

Last updated on: 20/05/2022 - 15:42