'Developing Sport and Positive Activities for all people within the Community'

'activetendring' is an organisation, which will act as a Community Activity Network - a key part of the delivery system for community sport and will be the link with ActiveEssex and sport within the Tendring District

ActiveTendring logoThe partnership is made up of key partners who will work together to identify the key issues in the district and actively work to increase participation in sport and physical activity by increasing and widening the range of opportunities available at the district's sport, leisure & community facilities, schools and local sports clubs for all people.

'activetendring's priorities will be closely aligned to the strategy and priorities of the ActiveEssex ensuring that both organisations benefit from the resources, expertise and support of each other.  A new vision document together with action plan is currently being developed. 

For more information on the group or how to be involved please contact:

Jeanette Thomasson: 

Last updated on: 27/06/2019 - 16:46