Activities at Brightlingsea Sports Centre

For further information and booking please phone Brightlingsea Sports Centre on 01206 304 946 or see below.

How to book online

Contact your local sports facility and register for online booking. You will then be given your log in details which will enable you to book and pay online.

Bookings can be made from Monday 20 July, or by calling the relevant centre reception from Monday 27 July

Book online

If you need to cancel, please do so with 1 hours in advance to avoid a charge. In the event that is not possible due to exceptional circumstances, please telephone your local sports facility who will cancel it with no charge (this cannot be done after 24 hours online without incurring a charge).

Use this link for information on Memberships and Prices

Opening times and directions can be found on the Brightlingsea Sports Centre homepage.

Courses at Brightlingsea Sports Centre

Activities and courses have been postponed, and pupils will hold their current slot. Customers will have all their lessons carried over to the next ten-week course, once things return to normal.

Trampoline Courses

Please contact the sports centre for further information.

Courses are payable to us in advance each half term. Courses vary in length reflected in the cost, so please verify the price of a course by contacting the centre on 01206 304946.

Please note: you are still able to join each of the above courses after the start date has commenced, payment will be pro rata'd for the rest of the course and will need to be paid up front.

Aerobics at Brightlingsea Sports Centre

Workout with friends, or even make new ones! There are classes to suit all ages and abilities. All instructors are fully qualified in the genre of class that is taught.

View the up to date timetable below, or download the gymjam app (iPhone only) which will show any up to date changes such as class cancellations.


Fitness classes

45 minute - 50 Minute Classes

Level 1 £5.50       Level 2 £4.15     Level 3 £2.75

30 Minute Classes

Level 1 £3.25       Level 2 £3.00     Level 3 £2.75

Yoga (1 hour 30 minute)

Level 1 £5.50       Level 2 £4.15     Level 3 £2.75

Price level definitions are available here

Booking a class

Classes can be booked a maximum of seven days in advance. Booking is strongly recommended, as it allows us to make contact should we need to advise of any changes to the class.

Book online

Cancelling a class

1 hours notice is required to cancel a pre booked class, otherwise the full cost of the activity will be incurred by the person who made the booking. This applies to all customers, including those with an all inclusive monthly /annual membership. 

Please note, sometimes our phone lines get very busy due to the high volume of calls, and therefore the option to cancel your class online is available.  If you choose this option you will need to bring your confirmation email to reception on your next visit and will then be reimbursed with another class.

Arriving for a class

Please arrive in good time for classes and ensure appropriate clothing including footwear is worn. Due to risk of injury, if the warm up element is missed from the class, and to minimise class disruption, those who arrive more than five minutes late may be refused entry.

Medical limitations to exercise

Please inform the instructor if you have any medical conditions or injuries that may be a limitation to exercise prior to the class starting. The instructor will then be able to advise you accordingly.

Please note: Instructors may be subject to change on occasion.

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Gym at Brightlingsea Sports Centre

Gym at Brightlingsea sport centre

Brightlingsea Sports Centre has two gyms - Lifestyles One and Lifestyles Two. Lifestyles One is exclusively for our sports centre customers. Lifestyles Two is used by the Colne Community College until 4.30pm, when it is then open to our customers, evenings and weekends.

Gym Opening Hours

Lifestyles One:

Monday to Friday 9am to 20.30pm

Saturdays and Sundays 9am to 1pm   

Bank Holidays 9am to 1pm

Lifestyle Two School Holiday Times:

School Term Times –

Monday to Friday 16:30 – 20:30

Saturday and Sunday – 09:00 – 13:00

Bank Holidays – 09:00 – 13:00

 School Holiday Times -

Monday to Friday – 09:00 – 20:30

Saturday and Sunday – 09:00 – 13:00

Bank Holidays – 09:00 – 13:00


Adult £5.10 Level 2 £3.80 Level 3 £2.20

Induction - Adults £15.00.


Equipment such as cross trainers, treadmills, bikes and rowers are available to help you on your way to great cardiovascular fitness, with Lifestyles One featuring the best variation of this equipment.


A range of static weights machines will enable to tone and strengthen all muscle groups. Lifestyles One has a small range of free weights available. Lifestyles Two has a larger range of heavier weights, plus cable jungle, benches and Smith machine.


Both gyms are un manned, however Sports centre staff are on duty to assist where needed.


Both gyms are on the Ground floor and easily accessible.


All customers are required to read, understand and agree to the Health Commitment Statement prior to using the facilities.

Due to re-opening under COVID-19 guidance we will only be able to provide a limited induction process if required.

If an induction is required, this would be included in the joining fee.

Contact - 01206 304946 for all details

For prices and information on our membership options please click here.

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Parties at Brightlingsea Sports Centre

Parties are suspended until further notice

Pay & Play at Brightlingsea Sports Centre

Book online

Badminton, Tennis (seasonal), Table Tennis

Per 55 minutes:   Level 1  £3.00    Level 2  £2.25    Level 3  £1.50

Times for all above activities

Monday to Friday 9am to 20.30pm

Weekends 9am - 1pm

Bank Holidays 9am to 1pm

Please call the centre to check availability on 01206 304946.


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