Memorial trees

Cherry Tree Image

We provide a scheme for residents and non-residents to donate memorial trees which are planted on its areas of public open space, recreation grounds and greenswards throughout the district.

Fees and charges

The charge for donated memorial trees will be dependant on the type and size of tree requested, however the minimum size container tree will be 45 litre. We  will invoice the applicant once the tree has been planted. Please see our terms and conditions and application form or contact 01255 686677 or email for further details.


Applications for memorial trees will be processed all year round, and planting normally takes place between November - March. Some applicants may request a planting ceremony, this can be arranged at no extra cost during normal working hours. Prior notification of a planting ceremony will be necessary.

Please note that we no longer allow plaques to be installed with any new memorial trees.

The council also offers memorial benches.

Last updated on: 16/07/2021 - 14:18