Street Tag

Tendring District Council has partnered with Street Tag to turn Clacton in to a virtual tag playground.

Virtual tags will be placed along popular walking routes and areas with green space from Jaywick Sands through to Holland-on-Sea, along the seafront and in Clacton town centre to encourage physical activity and in turn good mental health.

Families and other users will be encouraged to walk, run or cycle to the virtual tags and the digital monument which are placed on the Street Tag app map.

Those taking part in Street Tag collect points assigned to virtual tags, once they are within 40-metre radius of them, and steps can also be synced and converted into Street Tag points. These points add up in real time on the leader board, with prizes to be won at the end of each season.

Along the way you can experience the local heritage and history of Clacton through audio, video, pictures, and text on the augmented reality Monument Tours in the Street Tag App.

Find out more on the Street Tag web page

Street Tag logoEmail or fill an online form at to express your interest

How to get involved

  1. Install the app, create a team and join a leader board.
  2. Earn points from physical activities indoor and outdoor walking, running, cycling to collect virtual tags + convert your steps into points.
  3. Get Rewards/Win prizes such as sports equipment, amazon vouchers and more.

How to Access the Trails

There are lots of activities you can access on the App but look for the Monuments Tours.
Go to the main menu of the Street Tag mobile application.

1. Click on Playground and scroll to Monuments Tours.
2. Click on Monuments Tours and click on Clacton 150 Trails on the next screen.
3. On this screen, all the available trails can be viewed at the bottom of the screen such as the Clacton 150 Trail
4. Click on Start Tour

Please Note: To interact with a Monument – to see a video, audio, text and images, you will need to be within a 40-metre radius of the Monument while using the Street Tag app.

Collect points to earn rewards!

You will collect 100 Street Tag points for every Monument that you interact with.

There are also other ways to collect points on the Street Tag App, visit to discover how.

Email or fill an online form at to express your interest

Last updated on: 22/07/2021 - 15:18