What Happens Next

Keeping your application up to date

To keep the housing register up to date you must re-register your application once a year by sending your registration card to us, or by taking it to the Town Hall in Clacton to be stamped. If you do not renew your application, you will be removed from the housing register.

You must also inform us of any changes in your circumstances which may affect your application. If you move home, you must complete a Housing Register pre-assessment form so that we can assess whether you still have a housing need at your new address. We will then contact you to let you know whether you are eligible to join the housing register at your new address.

If your circumstances change for any other reason you must advise us by filling in the online form. A change of circumstances could include the birth of a child, a change in medical condition, changing the preferred areas you wish to live in, or a threat of homelessness. We may need to see evidence to confirm your change of circumstances.

How are properties allocated?

We offer available properties to applicants who have the highest priority on our housing register.

Some of our properties may also be offered in the following situations:

  • To house someone in an emergency;
  • To house someone with specific special care needs that can be met by adaptations already carried out in the property;
  • To house someone wanting to move from one of our properties into another;
  • To house a homeless applicant who needs to move from temporary accommodation;

For further information about the types of properties the council own in each part of the district please read a guide to council accommodation.

Last updated on: 27/11/2020 - 17:47