Testimonials - What our Service Users say

Below are testimonials we have received relating to the services we offer.

Speech marks I wish to pass on my sincere thanks to the staff on duty for helping my late mother last weekend. Sadly mum passed away, but I will be forever grateful to Careline.

Mum collapsed so she pressed her alarm button for help. She knew that she had fractured her ankle in the fall and felt very sick. Your Careline operator took the call and reassured mum that she was getting help. After calling the ambulance service the operator called me so I was able to go straight round to mum's to be with her to wait for the ambulance. Mum had broken her ankle when she collapsed but this was caused by collapsing with a ruptured abdominal aneurysm.

I was able to sit, talk to mum and say goodbye whilst holding mums hand. If it was not for Careline mum would have been on her own all day on the floor in excruciating pain dying on her own. I would never have known if she had died instantly or slowly and painfully.

I could not have put a price on being able to say goodbye to mum and know that her pain was controlled as much as possible. Our heartfelt thanks everyone.

Speech marks I want to thank the staff at Careline for being so patient and for all the help over the past few weeks.

Mrs C, Walton-on-the-Naze

Speech marks The Careline service makes so much difference when living alone.

Mrs W, Clacton-on-Sea


Speech marks I do not think we could have received any better attention.

Mrs T, Ramsey

Speech marks I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for an excellent service, I am delighted with the care taken, prompt follow up and call out given on one occasion. Fabulous!

Mrs C

Speech marks I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the help I received during the middle of the night. The gentleman who took my call could not have been more efficient, kind and reassuring.

Miss M, Brightlingsea


speech marks I just wanted to thank everyone at Careline for the fast response and how safe I feel knowing that you were doing everything to help my husband.

Mrs B, Harwich

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