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Scale of Charges (exc VAT)

New Digital Service UsersMonthly ChargeOne Off Charges
Installation £36.00
Monitoring & Response (includes digital alarm unit, pendant & sim)£30.55 

Monitoring only (includes digital alarm unit, pendant & sim)

Smoke Detector£1.53 
Falls Detector£2.55 
Pill Dispenser£5.10 
CO Detector£3.06 
Additional Pendant£2.04 
Easy Press£0.51 
Bed/Chair Exit Monitor£6.12 
Door Sensor/Flood Detector£4.08 
Keysafe Plus Installation £87.00
Change Keysafe Code (S/U request) £36.00
Remove Keysafe and re-install at new location £71.50


New Service UsersChargeMonthly Charge
Personal Alarm Watch£60.00 Upfront 
Ownfone£75.00 Upfront 
Footprint£95.00 Upfront 
Monitoring Only £20.90
Monitoring & Response £28.35
Any Wearable as an addition to Dispersed Alarm £15.30

We install our Careline alarm unit and give you a pendant which is worn over your neck, clipped onto an item of clothing or can be worn around your wrist.

The purpose of the pendant and Careline unit is to help the user live independently in their home. When the pendant or Careline Unit is pressed (in your house or garden*) you will be connected to a fully trained Careline operator at our Contact Centre**.

Our Control Centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, so whenever you need Careline we will answer.

When a call has been raised from the Unit, it is received at Careline Control Centre in Clacton-on-Sea. One of our highly trained operators will answer your call, speak to you and assess your situation, then get the appropriate help. If you are unable to speak to our operators they will have the information needed to know who is calling, key holders for the property, medical information and next of kin contact details from our database. Then the operator will get the appropriate help for you whilst remaining in contact with you until aid arrives.

In addition to your Careline unit and pendant we can also install additional sensors and equipment (these are on a needs basis), see our full list of Products and Services we offer.

Falls Information Booklet

SUC Service User Guide

Personal Alert Wristbands

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*Range of the Careline Unit and Pendant is subject to size of the property, true range to be confirmed at the time of installation
** We answer 97.5% of all calls received within 60 seconds.

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