Rubbish accumulations

What kind of rubbish causes a statutory nuisance?

Rubbish which may cause a statutory nuisance include items which could cause risk to health or a nuisance to neighbouring properties.
For example:

  • An accumulation of refuse sacks containing food waste in your neighbour’s garden which gives rise to unpleasant odours and flies.
  • Rotting food or materials which may attract rats or other vermin.
  • Rubbish which may provide harbourage for rats and mice.

What should you do first?

Many complaints can be resolved by simply talking politely to the person causing the problem.

If your neighbour accumulates rubbish in their garden you should approach them and ask them to remove the rubbish. Although you may find this difficult, it is surprising how often people are unaware of the unhappiness they are causing. If your neighbour refuses to clear the rubbish you should contact us at the Pollution team on 01255 686767 if you think the rubbish causing a public nuisance.

Standards you can expect

Following a complaint we will visit or telephone you within 10 working days of you making a complaint to discuss the matter. An officer will then assess whether or not a statutory nuisance exists and/or if vermin are likely to be attracted by the accumulation.

If satisfied that a statutory nuisance exists or the rubbish is attracting or providing harbourage for rats then the officer will require the person responsible for the rubbish or the owner of the land to remove the rubbish. If this does not work then we have the power to prosecute the offender.

Address: Environmental Services, Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton On Sea, Essex, CO15 1SE
Tel: 01255 686767



Last updated on: 21/11/2022 - 16:47