Private Water Supplies Testing

Water drop splashingIn 2010 new regulations came into force (Private Water Supplies Regulation 2009), which made changes to how we are required to monitor and assess the safety of private water supplies. The main changes are:

Private water supplies serving only one household are no longer required to be routinely monitored by us. However if your supply falls into this category you may request that we continue monitoring, although charges will be made for this.

Private water supplies serving more than one household or a commercial enterprise, must be risk assessed and regularly monitored by us. The regulations also introduce charging for this, the charge will vary and be apportioned between the households.

The definition of private water supply has been extended to include private distribution systems which are systems of water distribution to more than one premises past the point at which responsibility leaves the water company. These will be treated as above.

We will be contacting all those with supplies that fall under the regulations to arrange for the assessments and sampling to be carried out. This will be over the next year.

For information on properties with a private water supply in the Tendring district, please view our link for our private waster supply public register.

Private Water Supply Regulations and Costs

Hourly Charge for risk assessments, investigations, granting of authorisations  April 11

  • An hourly charge up to a maximum of £500 for risk assessment and £100 for investigation and authorisation

Sample Collection (not including Analysis Costs) April 11

  • A charge up to a maximum of £100

Analysis costs April 10

  • Analysis cost only

Additional Costs

  • Retest fee (if applicable)
  • Mileage charge of 65p per mile


Should you have any queries or concerns over your private water supply please contact:

Pollution & Environmental Control, Council Offices, Weeley, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex CO16 9AJ
Telephone No. 01255 686767 or email: 

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