Climate Change - What is the Council doing?

Adapting to Climate Change

Tendring District Council is committed to a cleaner and greener environment, by reducing its carbon footprint and having a clear response to the risks and opportunities of climate change.  Our Climate Change Strategy 2010-2016 and the Climate Change Delivery Plan 2010-2013 have now been approved and work has commenced on our priority actions.

Nottingham Declaration

The Nottingham Declaration recognises the central role of local authorities in leading society's response to the challenge of climate change. By signing the Declaration we have pledged to systematically address the causes of climate change and to prepare our community for its impacts. For further details see the Energy Saving Trust Website.

Reducing our carbon footprint

The Council has recently been assessed by the Carbon Trust and have initiated a range of actions to reduce our carbon footprint which include

  • Replacing light fittings with low energy fittings in all Council buildings
  • Provision of additional insulation to Council boiler rooms
  • Upgrading heating systems and insulation in Council housing
  • Replacement windows and doors for Council housing
  • Increased and improved recycling facilities across the district
  • Car sharing schemes for Council employees

Green House Gas Emissions Report

The Council is working towards reducing the level of green house gases emitted from our buildings and operations. The chart below shows emissions for the years 2009/10 and 2010/11.


GHG Emissions Data


Tonnes of CO2e





Scope 1




Scope 2








Total emissions in tonnes




Scope 1 emissions refers to the amount of CO2 the council has emitted directly from fossil fuels for example through gas boilers and diesel used in fleet

Scope 2 emissions refers to the amount of CO2 the council has emitted through the use of electricity


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