The Cremation Service

Our Crematorium provides the following service:

  • The crematorium is managed and operated in accordance with 'The Federation of British Cremation Authorities code of cremation practice'. For more information please read and or print off document found to the right of this page.
  • Services are offered every 45 minutes, from 9.30am to 3.30pm.
  • A service can last a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • To allow sufficient time for a congregation to leave the chapel and for the attendant time to prepare the chapel for the following service there is a 15 minute gap between the conclusion of one service and the start of the next.
  • All music, not to be played on the organ, is played electronically via a computer. We do not have compact disc (CD) or tape facilities.  If an organist is required the family will need to discuss this directly with a funeral director.
  • A service can be recorded onto CD or DVD and can also be Web cast.

The gardens at Weeley Crematorium

The day of the service:

  • When families arrive for a service they are generally given the option of walking behind the coffin as it is brought in to the chapel or of being seated before hand.
  • The curtains bordering the area the coffin is placed upon for the service do not have to be closed at the end of the service. If you would rather the curtains remained open please discuss this with your funeral director.
  • At the conclusion of the service the funeral director will invite you to leave the chapel so that you may view any floral tributes commemorating the deceased. Floral tributes will remain in place for a minimum of 3 days.
  • The person who applied for the funeral will receive information concerning the cremated remains approximately 2 weeks after the funeral service.

Please consider:

  • There is limited car parking available, 45 spaces, and seating for approximately 120 people in the chapel. If you are anticipating a large congregation it may be wise to discuss the possibility of a church service with your funeral director.
  • To ensure that the family attending the preceding service is not inconvenienced, the prompt arrival of both the family and the Funeral Director will be appreciated.
  • Should a service fail to start at the arranged time the minister may be required to shorten elements of the service to ensure the service concludes punctually.
  • A lasting legacy of a charitable donation rather than a floral tribute?

The Federation of British Cremation Authorities Code of Practice

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