Summer house memorial

Picture of Inside Summer House at Weeley Crematorium

Summer house plaques are one size (7" x 3") and can accommodate up to 100 characters. The plaques are available for an initial 10 year period.  Following this they can be renewed for 5 year periods.  You will be informed when the plaque has been positioned in the Summer House and is available to be viewed.

Alternatively should you wish to be present when cremated remains are laid to rest and the plaque positioned there is an additional fee (see below).  You will be informed by letter when we have received the plaque and prompted to contact the Crematorium Office to arrange an appointment for the service.

How to apply

Please see the Summer House Memorial Order Form.  Regrettably this product cannot be ordered on line at the present time.  Please return your completed order form and remittance to Weeley Crematorium.

Contact us:

Weeley Crematorium
Colchester Road
Weeley, Essex
CO16 9JP

Tel. 01255 686644
Fax.01255 831440

The council also offers memorial benches and memorial trees

Picture of Outside Summer House

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