Cremated Remains

Photograph of a LilyFollowing a cremation a family has several options concerning the cremated remains, commonly referred to as ashes.

The ‘Applicant for cremation’ (the person who signs the application form) can collect the cremated remains in person from the crematorium.

Another person may collect the cremated remains on behalf of the ‘Applicant for cremation’ so long as they have with them a letter of authority, signed by the applicant, authorising them to do so.  The ‘Applicant for cremation’ can ask for the funeral director to collect the cremated remains from the crematorium.

Cremated remains can be held at the crematorium for an initial period of 3 months, pending a decision by the family.  If we have not received instructions after this period the decision of the applicant will be sought. Cremated remains cannot be kept at the crematorium indefinitely.

Cremated remains can be strewn (sometimes referred to as scattered) in a specific area of the Gardens of Remembrance.  This area is divided into the 12 months of the year.  The family has the choice of which monthly garden the remains are to be laid to rest in.  If you are considering applying for a memorial plaque to be included where the remains are to be strewn, please contact Weeley Crematorium beforehand to confirm whether this is possible, as availability is very limited.

A strewing can be non-attended.  The ‘Applicant for cremation’ will complete a simple form giving us their authority to strew the cremated remains in their absence.

Family and friends can attend a strewing service.  In the first instance the applicant must contact the Crematorium office and arrange a date and time for the service.

Remains can be loosely interred by a new or existing memorial within the Garden of Remembrance at Weeley Crematorium.  For this option please refer to the link titled ‘ Gardens of Remembrance'

Cremated remains can be interred at any of the cemeteries we maintain.  These are located at Clacton, Kirby Cross and Dovercourt.  For this option please refer to the link titled ‘Cemeteries’.  This must be arranged via a funeral director.

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