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Electronic Book of Remembrance

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Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance provides families with the opportunity to arrange a permanent memorial at Weeley Crematorium.

This memorial is not leased based; there is only a simple single arrangement fee to pay, therefore the family will not be required to pay a renewal fee at a later date.

There are numerous options concerning the entry beginning with a simple 2 line entry and concluding with an 8 line entry with a floral emblem, motif or badge.

The type of motif, badge etc is specified by the family.  This information can be taken from a photograph provided by the family (this will be returned when the inscription is complete).  Alternatively a family can describe the image they would like, to assist the artists the more specific the description the better.

Entries can be viewed using the online Book of Remembrance or the electronic Book of Remembrance located at the crematorium.  Please be aware that new entries will only become available once the volume containing the newly inscribed entry is on display at Weeley Crematorium.  However this entry will then be available for viewing 365 days of the year.

Please see our fees and charges and a printable order form.  Regrettably this product cannot be ordered on line.  Please return your completed order form and remittance to Weeley Crematorium.

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The council also offers memorial benches and memorial trees

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