Strategies and Statutory Policies and Plans

The Council’s Corporate Plan sets out the Council’s vision for the District of Tendring, its residents, businesses and for visitors to the area. Through the various themes identified in the Corporate Plan, the Council commits to priorities during the term of the Plan.  The Council’s Corporate Plan 2020-24.

Each year, the Council’s Cabinet highlights certain of the projects and activities that are important in that year to the overall delivery of the Corporate Plan ambition.  Progress with these highlight priorities can be tracked through the transparency pages of the Council’s website.

The Corporate Plan cannot cover the full range of services the Council delivers and the law requires the Council to have certain Strategies, Plans and Statements in place in addition to the Corporate Plan.  Through this web page, the Council’s aim is to provide easy access to the core plans it has in place.  Over time these will be reviewed and replaced.  As this happens, this web page will be updated.  It may be that certain of the Council’s Plans are overdue for review and the Council will have arrangements to address this.

If you cannot find a Strategy or Plan then contact Democratic Services & Elections at the Council on (01255) 686186 or email  You can also write to them at the Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 1SE.

This first set of Strategies and Plans below are those that, together, make up the Policy Framework of the Council.  These are Strategies and Policies that the Council must have by law.  They must be approved or adopted by the Full Council (when all 48 Tendring District Councillors are summoned together):


Other plans and strategies which the Council may decide from time to time are to be adopted by the Council as a matter of local choice as a part of the policy framework, including but not limited to: 

Forthcoming decisions are available here - Forthcoming Decisions

In addition to the above Plans and Strategies, there are also the following important documents that amplify commitments of the Council or otherwise set out the Council’s approach to its responsibilities in the subject areas concerned.  By their nature, these documents will be updated from time to time.  Through the forthcoming decisions the Council gives notice of when important plans and strategies are due to be considered/reviewed. 

Strategy TitleSummary of StrategyStrategy Adoption DateStrategy Review Date
Housing Strategy (Linked)This housing strategy has been developed to guide the future delivery of new homes within the district to meet local needs and to guide the future management and direction of our housing service. Tendring District Council retains its own housing stock and currently has 3111 homes in its ownership. The Council is the largest landlord in the district and remains fully committed to this role and will consult with and continue to support our tenants to ensure that they all have a decent, affordable home in an area that they feel proud of.20202025
Heritage Strategy (Linked)Tendring’s Heritage Strategy aims to promote the protection and celebration of the area’s rich history, predominantly contained within its historic environment, and guide its evolution to enhance the positive contribution it makes to the lives of those people living in and visiting the District. The Strategy promotes a holistic and collaborative approach to the management of heritage. It draws together existing Council strategies, priorities and approaches in order to identify areas within Tendring with significant heritage and provide a basis for future management and identification of opportunities for enhancement. To deliver the Strategy a partnership approach between the Council, its partners and key stakeholders will allow for the full potential of Tendring’s heritage to be realised.20 March 2020 
Tourism Strategy (Linked)

This strategy covers the development and promotion of tourism in the Tendring District, with input and integration from partners in the private, voluntary and wider public sector. The high level strategic objectives within this plan, will inform a detailed delivery plan to set out the actions to be taken to achieve successful outcomes. The following points are considered to be the drivers in developing this strategy:
1. Increase the volume and value of tourism
2. Improve and consolidate existing markets and exploit new markets
3. The delivery of this strategy must account for available resources, so innovation is paramount
4. Progression can only take place through collaborative/partnership attainment

21 May 20212026
Creative and Cultural Strategy (Linked)This Creative and Cultural Strategy has been developed by Tendring District Council with assistance from Black Radley and Arts Council England. The Strategy aligns with the Council’s 2020 – 2024 Corporate Plan and with its Economic Development Strategy, and is sympathetic with the Council’s aspiration (and that of its partners) to resolve issues of entrenched social and economic deprivation. The Strategy focusses on business growth and job creation, whilst also seeking ways to enrich the creative and cultural offer of the district and to increase the opportunities for informal participation amongst residents and visitors alike.20192024


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