Freedom of Information Requests Received 2016

FOI Requests Received During 2016:

RefRequestOur Response (s)
590/15Winter Occupancy at Bel - Air chalet park, St.OsythReply to 590/15
01/2014Public Space protection ordersReply to 01/2016
20/2014Money spent on advertising and marketing

Reply to 20/2016

Attachment to 20/2016

591/2015Cost of compromise agreementsReply to 591/15
04/2016Details of employees who have been dismissed or had their employment terminatedReply to 04/2016
14/2016Details of membership of Political groups

Reply to 14/2016

Attachment to 14/2016

15/2016Details of the Council's arrangements and contract for processing card paymentsReply to 15/2016
30/2016Financial management systemsReply to 30/2016
31/2016Details of Councillors salaries/expensesReply to 31/2016
36/2016Public space protection ordersReply to 36/2016
44/2016Public space protection ordersReply to 44/2016
47/2016E-Bay AccountReply to 47/2016
50/2016Funding to organisationsReply to 50/2016
51/2016Council owned limited companiesReply to 51/2016
06/2016Charging for rubbish uplift servicesReply to 06/2016
09/2016Zoo licensingReply to 09/2016
42/2016Licensed venues Reply to 42/2016
561/2016Council houses sold under Right-to-Buy bought back by the councilReply to 561/2016
571/2016How many freehold and leasehold properties does the Council haveReply to 571/16
579/2016Leisure facilities in the DistrictReply to 579/16
583/2016Details of Council housing waiting listReply to 583/15
592/2016Details of current provider of bailiff services for Council Tax/Business Rates and Parking ServicesReply to 592/15
594/2016Spend on equipment adaptation servicesReply to 594/15
2/2016Has the Council been asked to house Syrian RefugeesReply to 2/2016
05/2016Details of number of Council Houses that the Council ownReply to 05/2016
08/2016Fuel PovertyReply to 08/2016
12/2016Council Tax support scheme in 2016/17Reply to 12/2016
37/2016Council Tax rate rise for 2016/17Reply to 37/2016
46/2016Temporary StaffingReply to 46/2016
71/2016Top 250 websites visited

Reply to 71/2016

Attachment to 71/2016

72/2016CLA Media LicencesReply to 72/2016
76/2016External organisations and surveillanceReply to 76/2016
23/2016Complaints about Council HousingReply to 23/2016
29/2016Business Rates Liability

Reply to 29/2016

Attachment to 29/2016

39/2016HomelessnessReply to 39/2016
48/2016TourismReply to 48/2016
53/2016Kitchen facilities in Council owned housesReply to 53/2016
57/2016Compulsory Purchase orderReply to 57/2016
62/2016Council tax support/reduction schemeReply to 62/2016
65/2016Qualification Requirement for Council housingReply to 65/2016
77/2016CCTVReply to 77/2016
87/2016Details of  "falling" feeReply to 87/2016
88/2016Cleaning ServicesReply to 88/2016
24/2016Public register of food businessReply to 24/2016
61/2016Fines for littering

Reply to 61/2016

Attachment to 61/2016

63/2016Campsites in the District

Reply to 63/2016

Attachment to 63/2016

73/2016Refuse Services

Reply to 73/2016

Attachment to 73/2016

54/2016Wi-Fi Provider ContractsReply to 54/2016
80/2016Details of Elections over the past 5 years

Reply to 80/2016

Attachment 1 to 80/2015

Attachment 2 to 80/2016

Attachment 3 to 80/2016

91/2016Monies spent on land purchases and Regeneration and Building DevelopmentReply to 91/2016
93/2016Boutique Cafe at Holland-on-SeaReply to 93/2016
126/2016Document Records/Management SystemsReply to 126/2016
132/2016Number of Employees off work with stress related illnessReply to 132/2016
148/2016Temporary Agency StaffReply to 148/2016
150/2016Public Space Protection orders in relation to dogsReply to 150/2016
68/2016Social Housing Residential PropertiesReply to 68/2016
78/2016Right to Buy social mobility fundReply to 78/2016
116/2016Social Sector HomesReply to 116/2016
121/2016Bathroom AdaptationsReply to 121/2016
128/2016Housing Associations refusing to house persons on Council Housing waiting listReply to 128/2016
101/2016Outsourcing of servicesReply to 101/2016
107/2016Litter at Station Lane and Pattricks Lane, DovercourtReply to 107/2016
119/2016Private water supplies at Alresford Road, WivenhoeReply to 119/2016
129/2016Waste CollectionReply to 129/2016
131/2016Litter removed from the A120 between the A12 and George Street, Harwich.Reply to 131/2016
133/2016Public Toilet facilitiesReply to 133/2016
135/2016Recycling Reward SchemeReply to 135/2016
145/2016Hackney Carriage/Private Hire LicensingReply to 145/2016
152/2016Budgets for street cleaningReply to 152/2016
165/2016Children's Play areasReply to 165/2016
141/2016Invoices paid by the Council in the last 5 financial yearsReply to 141/2016
142/2016Digital Strategy and cloud applications servicesReply to 142/2016
161/2016Parking charges and parking finesReply to 161/2016
163/2016Procurement procedures, processes and systemsReply to 163/2016
169/2016Kiosk 9, Clacton-on-Sea rent reviewReply to 169/2016
227/2016Spending on social mediaReply to 227/2016
124/2016Households on waiting list for social housing Reply to 124/2016
138/2016Strategy for tackling homelessnessReply to 138/2016
151/2016Disabled facilities grantsReply to 151/2016
153/2016Social Housing places built by the CouncilReply to 153/2016
156/2016Change of tenancy due to domestic violenceReply to 156/2016
175/2016Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement SchemeReply to 175/2016
183/2016Electrical Installation work contractReply to 183/2016
195/2016Selecting Landlord Licencing SchemeReply to 195/2016
120/2016Oaklands Holiday Park, Colchester Road, St. OsythReply to 120/2016
134/2016Cost of beach hut east of Clacton PierReply to 134/2016
170/2016Contaminated Land registerReply to 170/2016
171/2016Contracts for searches for next-of-kinReply to 171/2016
172/2016Litter on Station Lane and Pattricks LaneReply to 172/2016
184/2016Cost of resurfacing the promenade at Frinton-on-SeaReply to 184/2016
187/2016Licences issued under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976Reply to 187/2016
205/2016Deer CollisionsReply to 205/2016
210/2016Bin lorry risk assessmentReply to 210/2016
192/2016IT Software

Reply to 192/2016

Attachment to 192/2016

203/2016Cost the Rush-Green by-election- July 2015Reply to 203/2016
217/2016Finance Functions

Reply to 217/2016

Attachment to 217/2016

219/2016Electoral Register InformationReply to 219/2016
221/2016NNDR Business Rates Credits

Reply to 221/2016

Attachment to 221/2016

233/2016Cloud adoption in Local GovernmentReply to 233/2016
255/2016Benefit changes and Electoral RegistrationReply to 255/2016
266/2016IT Service DeskReply to 266/2016
269/2016Missing Council Tax Payment Reminders to CouncillorsReply to  269/2016
280/2016Council Tax Collection RatesReply to 280/2016
191/2016Beach hutsReply to 191/2016
201/2016Cost of Building the water fountain in Clacton Town CentreReply to 201/2016
206/2016Elm Farm Park, Frinton Road, Thorpe - le - SokenReply to 206/2016
228/2016Garden Waste CollectionsReply to 228/2016
250/2016Recycling TargetsReply to 250/2016
260/2016Taxi Drivers and Private Hire vehiclesReply to 260/2016
264/2016Surface water drainage unadopted roads in JaywickReply to 264/2016
202/2016Heating networks in Council HousingReply to 202/2016
204/2016Money spent on "Statutory Homelessness Households"

Reply to 204/2016

Attachment to 204/2016

215/2016Priority/Emergency HomesReply to 215/2016
220/2016Assaults against Housing StaffReply to 220/2016
230/2016Cost of renting vending machines in entrance of Clacton Leisure CentreReply to 230/2016
249/16Overseas voting in the EU ReferendumReply to 249/16
270/16Costs of staffing contact centresReply to 270/16
272/16Staff number's 2015Reply to 272/16
275/16Information Security

Reply to 275/16

Attachment 1 to 275/16

Attachment 2 to 275/16

284/16Interpreting and translation servicesReply to 284/16
293/16Overpayments on staff payReply to 293/16
331/16Contracts for photocopiersReply to 331/16
340/16Councillors allowances and expensesReply to 340/16
323/16stray dogsReply to 323/16
320/16Private hire and Hackney carriage vehiclesReply to 320/16
316/16Assaults against refuse collectionsReply to 316/16
288/16Dog FoulingReply to 288/16
287/16Fly tippingReply to 287/16
245/16Accommodation for victims of domestic violenceReply to 245/16
259/16cannabis cultivation social/affordable rented homesReply to 259/16
292/16Blue Flag status for beachesReply to 292/16
299/16Air conditioning assessment certificatesReply to 299/16
317/16Spare room subsidyReply to 317/16
334/16Digital transformation in local government

Reply to 334/16

Attachment to 334/16

335/16Council tax and NNDR e-billingReply to 335/16
354/16Ward by ward Referendum dataReply to 354/16
355/16Phone mast access/rental agreementsReply to 35516
358/16Individual electoral registrationReply to 358/16
359/16Mobile devicesReply to 359/16
360/16Clothing allowance for CouncillorsReply to 360/16
361/16Bankruptcy orders/charging ordersReply to 361/16
367/16Revenues + Benefits systemReply to 367/16
386/16Alcohol testingReply to 386/16
392/16Queen's 90th Birthday CelebrationsReply to 392/16
308/16Electrical safety checksReply to 308/16
298/16Public health funeralsReply to 298/16
319/16Public health funeralsReply to 319/16
321/16Contaminated Land RegisterReply to 321/16
338/16Council owned car parksReply to 338/16
348/16Dog foulingReply to 348/16
368/16Server Maintenance Contracts 

Reply to 368/16

Attachment to 368/16

363/16Staff Training 2015/16Reply to 363/16
365/16Funding of Electoral services departmentReply to 365/16
366/16RecruitmentReply to 366/16
380/16Agency staff contractsReply to 380/16
383/16Telephony systemsReply to 383/16
384/16Housing + Tenancy misuse and fraudReply to 384/16
391/16New homes bonus grantReply to 391/16
399/16Ransomware virus scamsReply to 399/16
406/16Local council tax reduction schemeReply to 406/16
410/16Public space protection ordersReply to 410/16
411/24Rejected DHP ApplicationsReply to 411/16
413/16Safe working practicesReply to 413/16
420/16e - cigarettes and vaping

Reply to 420/16

Attachment to 420/16

349/16Housing stock

Reply to 349/16

Attachment to 349/16

394/16Social care accommodationReply to 394/16
398/16Food business

Reply to 398/16

Attachment to   398/16

403/16Bins used in waste collectionReply to 403/16
412/16Waste collection contractReply to 412/16
445/16Disaster Recovery PlansReply to 445/16
452/16Public Space Protection OrderReply to 452/16
459/16Payment of Council TaxReply to 459/16
405/16Body worn camerasReply to 405/16
428/16Wheelchair Accessible HousingReply to 428/16
442/16Recyclable material collected at kerbside collectionsReply to 442/16
448/16Public Play FacilitiesReply to 448/16
455/16Car ParksReply to 455/16
494/16Council Tax ReductionsReply to 494/16
499/16Spend on external Legal ServicesReply to 499/16
518/16Solar Panels on Council Housing and Council BuildingsReply to 518/16
456/16Emissions Control, waste and contaminated land costsReply to 456/16
464/2016Contracts for lift service + maintenance/Air conditioning/ and cleaningReply to 464/2016
475/2016Staff in Private Sector HousingReply to 475/2016
478/2016Persons Dying with no known next-of-kinReply to 478/2016
485/2016Seizure of stray dogsReply to 485/2016
511/2016Dogs put down by the CouncilReply to 511/2016
513/2016Bridges in the DistrictReply to 513/2016
497/16IT InfrastructureReply to 497/16
506/16Electronic Purchasing CardsReply to 506/16
509/16Public Space Protection OrdersReply to 509/16
514/16IT Infrastructure

Reply to 514/16

Attachment  1 to FOI 514/16

Attachment 2 to FOI 514/16

521/16Response to emergencies/disasters

Reply to 521/16

Attachment to FOI 521/16

522/16Costs of exorcistsReply to 522/16
525/16Telecoms and Network servicesReply to 525/16
528/16Charity ShopsReply to 528/16
529/16Use of BailiffsReply to 529/16
531/16HR/Payroll/Finance IT systems

Reply to 531/16

Attachment 1 to FOI 531/16

Attachment 2 to FOI 531/16

532/16Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit FraudReply to 532/16
533/16LAN MaintenanceReply to 533/16
537/16Debt and Court Statistics

Reply to 537/16

Attachment to FOI 537/16

550/16Regulation of Investing Powers Act 2000Reply to 550/16
566/16Cost of Christmas LightsReply to 566/16
567/16Freedom of Information Request IT SystemsReply to 567/16
493/16Dog Fouling ComplaintsReply to 493/16
512/16Sewage Treatment Works at Ray lane, ParkestonReply to 512/16
515/16Taxi Drivers Registered in the DistrictReply to 515/16
516/16Costs of HomelessnessReply to 516/16
527/16HMO Properties and Temporary AccommodationReply to 527/16
540/16Street CleanersReply to 540/16
543/16Private Hire and Hackney Carriage LicencingReply to 543/16
544/16Interactive voice recognition telephone systems for private hire operatorsReply to 544/16
557/16Families in B+B AccommodationReply to 557/16
556/16Unison Local Authority Pay Bills costs for 2016Reply to 556/16
578/16Public space protection orders

Reply to 578/16

Attachment 1 to 578/16

Attachment 2 to 578/16

Attachment 3 to 578/16

581/16Printing costsReply to 581/16
4/17PSPO'sReply to 4/17
7/17IT SoftwareReply to 7/17
560/16Housing Register

Reply to 560/16

Attachment to 560/16

570/16Cost of Temporary Accommodation of homeless personsReply to 570/16
571/16Air quality tests for Parkeston

Reply to 571/16

Attachment to 571/16

579/16Fixed penalty notices for fly-tippingReply to 579/16
582/16Bed and Breakfast accommodationReply to 582/16
105/16HMO Licensing ConsultationsReply to 105/16
106/16Parking FinesReply to 106/16
110/16Charging Increases for wasteReply to 110/16
116/16Household waste collectionsReply to 116/16
113/16Fixed penalty notices for dropping litterReply to 113/16
119/16window cleaning contractReply to 119/16
120/16claims for failing to maintain Council propertiesReply to 120/16
121/16Licensing/Regulating LandlordsReply to 121/16
122/16Council housing waiting listReply to 122/16


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