Freedom of Information Requests Received 2015

FOI Requests Received During 2015:

RefRequestOur Response (S)
646/14Storage of council I.T. dataReply to 646/14
651/14Filtering and monitoring of Internet for staffReply to 651/14
09/15Complaints about recent parliamentary electionReply to 09/15
19/15Translation servicesReply to 19/15
58/15Costs incurred for the Clacton carnivalReply to 58/15
655/14Homelessness in the districtReply to 655/14
01/2015Dwellings in the district that have damp and mould problemsReply to 01/2015
04/2015Local council tax support schemeReply to 04/2015
06/2015Council spending on temporary accommodationReply to 06/2015
07/2015Amount spent on CCTV cameras for public areasReply to 07/2015
21/2015Companies that have become liable for business rates between 30 December 2014 to 15 January 2015Reply to 21/2015
27/2015Community alarm provisionReply to 27/2015
658/2014Recycling datesReply to 658/2014
647/2014Inspections and enforcement in respect of farm animalsReply to 647/2014
645/2014Contaminated land registerReply to 645/2014
640/2014Fleet ManagementReply to 640/2014
635/2014Breaches of the Sunday Trading Act 1994Reply to 635/2014
02/2015Amount spent in the last 4 years on street  and park litter binsReply to 02/2015
16/2015Food testing certificatesReply to 16/2015
33/2015Cost of children's play area on Marine Parade WestReply to 33/2015
48/2015Cost of cremation and burial feesReply to 48/2015
23/2015Monies spent on combating work related respiratory diseaseReply to 23/2015
41/2015Cost of Christmas parties in the last three yearsReply to 41/2015
45/2015Car parking for Council staff/office cleaning/hospitalityReply to 45/2015
84/2015Total budgets for domestic violenceReply to 84/2015
106/2015Monies spent on external legal advice since 2010Reply to 106/2015
108/2015Cost to the authority for lost keysReply to 108/2015
08/2015Voter registration figures for 2012/13/14Reply to 08/2015
42/2015The Living WageReply to 42/2015
46/2015Contracts/agency staff and redundanciesReply to 46/2015
55/2015Software licencesReply to 55/2015
76/2015Street lighting blackoutReply to 76/2015
90/2015Senior Management TeamReply to 90/2015
93/2015Council dog wardensReply to 93/2015
94/2015Attendance record at Council meetings for Cllr FawcettReply to 94/2015
102/2015Bicycle prosecutionsReply to 102/2015
111/2015ICT contractsReply to 111/2015
113/2015Payments to celebritiesReply to 113/2015
28/2015Trees felled by the CouncilReply to 28/2015
35/2015Parking finesReply to 35/2015
36/2015Dog fouling prosecutionsReply to 36/2015
38/2015Diesel fume emissions at Europa Way, HarwichReply to 38/2015
44/2015Pig Farm, Mill Lane, Weeley Pollution

Reply to 44/2015

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49/2015Pet shops in the districtReply to 49/2015
52/2015Registered businesses in the district and commercial waste collectionReply to 52/2015
64/2015Persons dying with no known next-of-kinReply to 64/2015
69/2015Fly tippingReply to 69/2015
95/2015Stray dogsReply to 95/2015
98/2015Parking tickets issuedReply to 98/2015
103/2015Roundabout Sponsorship SchemeReply to 103/2015
03/2015Council owned garages for rentReply to 03/2015
05/2015Complaints against private landlords

Reply to 05/2015

14/2015Commercial properties that are receiving relief

Reply to 14/2015

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34/2015Cost of painting Clacton Town HallReply to 34/2015
39/2015Front reception at Clacton Town HallReply to 39/2015
54/2015Women's Tour Bicycle Ride 2014

Reply to 54/2015

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61/2015New Homes BonusReply to 61/2015
66/2015Contribution from the Princes Theatre to the Council's finances and cost of the Women's Bicycle Tour

Reply to 66/2015

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123/15Telephony/Storage ContractsReply to 123/15
125/15Redundancies and sickness figures for council staffReply to 125/15
126/15Details officers who work from home in the UK or AbroadReply to 126/15
127/15Number of female staff who work for the CouncilReply to 127/15
130/15Postal ServicesReply to 130/5
133/15Online voter registration/annual canvass/ Individual Elector Registration

Reply to 133/15

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148/15Remote/out of hours financial journalsReply to 148/15
149/15Regulation of Investigatory powers not surveillanceReply to 149/15
151/15I.T Managers names and contact detailsReply to 151/15
154/15Procurement TrainingReply to 154/15
164/15Bandstands owned by the CouncilReply to 164/15
173/15Toilets and old boat store at the Naze, WaltonReply to 173/15
179/15I.T Managers names and contact detailsReply to 179/15
91/15Empty and Derelict properties

Reply to 91/15

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119/15Council data sold to outside organisations

Reply to 119/15

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175/15Properties sold under the Right-to-Buy schemeReply to 175/15
177/15How much has been fraudulently claimed in housing benefitReply 177/15
180/15Numbers of rough sleepers in the DistrictReply to 180/15
181/15Business premises with rateable up to £49,999Reply to 181/15
182/15Care for the ElderlyReply to 182/15
116/15ID verification systemsReply to 116/15
124/15Refunds of parking finesReply to 124/15
139/15Persons dying with no known next-of-kinReply to 139/15
140/15Penalty charge notices issued to UK registered vehiclesReply to 140/15
142/15Complaints about dog foulingReply to 142/15
145/15Car parks operated by the CouncilReply to 145/15
146/15Kerbside Garden waste collection serviceReply to 146/15
153/15Costs of CremationsReply to 153/15
160/15Dogs handed over to the dog wardensReply to 160/15
157/15E- Procurement and E- Tendering SystemsReply to 157/15
158/15ProcurementReply to 158/15
162/15Number of Council workers who have been formally disciplinedReply to 162/15
184/15Casual and Zero-Hours contractsReply to 184/15
186/15Data BreachesReply to 186/15
204/15Number of FOI Requests received by the CouncilReply to 204/15
165/15CCTV Cameras in the DistrictReply to 165/15
167/15Homeless Person in the DistrictReply to 167/15
201/15Benefits Payments to residents of Bel-Air chalet estateReply to 201/15
152/15Publicly Accessible Parks, Village greens, Community gardens, Woodland and AllotmentsReply to 152/15
177/15Persons dying with no known next-of-kinReply to 177/15
180/15Complaints against Black Swan care homes in the DistrictReply to 180/15
250/15Offences Committed under the 200 Licensing Act 1981 Reply to 250/15
240/15Dog Breeding LicencesReply to 240/15
239/15Requests to change Street namesReply to 239/15
213/15Noise ComplaintsReply to 213/15
202/15Dog Breeding LicencesReply to 202/15
182/15Discretionary Housing Payments

Reply to 182/15

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198/15Cost of Temporary AccommodationReply 198/15
192/15RecruitmentReply to 192/15
230/15Election costsReply to 23015
244/15Living WageReply to 244/15
214/15Street Sweeping and Waste Collection Recycling ContractReply to 214/15
237/15Revenue and Benefits- Costs for service

Reply to 237/15

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280/15Travellers Sites in the Tendring DistrictReply to 280/15
243/15Procuring of goods and servicesReply to 243/15
247/15Celebrity BookingsReply to 247/15
258/15Commercial Properties owned by the Council

Reply to 258/15

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271/15Helpdesk, Network and Desktop support servicesReply to 271/15
281/15Out sourced ICT servicesReply to 281/15
228/15Families in Temporary Accommodation

Reply to 228/15

Attachment 228/15

231/15Right-to-BuyReply to 231/15
232/15Business that have become liable for NNDR between 1-15 May 2015Reply to 232/15
233/15Released prisoners and B+B AccommodationReply to 233/15
238/15Waiting times for Council Housing for disabled personsReply to 238/15
261/15Automatic wash + dry facilities provided under disabled facilities grantsReply to 261/15
254/15Details of licenced premises for Tattooing/acupuncture/ear and cosmetic piercingReply to 254/15
255/15Overvend from parking machinesReply to 255/15
266/15Pet shop licencesReply to 266/15
272/15Complaints about Flying of DronesReply to 272/15
273/15Pauper's FuneralsReply to 273/15
302/15Primary/Junior Schools applying for Temporary event noticesReply to 302/15
270/15IT ServicesReply to 270/15
275/15Managed Print ServicesReply to 275/15
308/15Safe Working PracticesReply to 308/15
310/15HR/Payroll/BACS Software ContractsReply to 310/15
315/15Senior members and officers of the CouncilReply to 315/15
323/15ERP/ Finance SystemsReply to 323/15
328/15Telephone MaintenanceReply to 328/15
329/15Insurance claims management arrangementsReply to 329/15
343/15Plot of land owned by the Council in JaywickReply to 343/15
350/15Website build and maintenance costReply to 350/15
292/15Animal CollectionsReply to 292/15
295/15Hygiene InspectionsReply to 295/15
300/15Fleet ManagementReply to 300/15
306/15RecyclingReply to 306/15
347/15Hackney Carriage/Private hire licencesReply to 347/15
351/15Taxi vehicles and Assistance dogsReply to 351/15
278/15Right to Buy salesReply to 278/15
279/15Business Rates collects on empty properties

Reply to 279/15

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283/15CCTV FootageReply to 283/15
285/15Housing waiting listsReply to 285/15
289/15Bailiffs Enforcing DebtsReply to 289/15
293/294/296/15Housing BenefitsReply to 293/294/296/15
319/15Properties in the District that are emptyReply to 319/15
321/15Homeless Declarations

Reply to 321/15

Attachment to 321/15

316/15Analysis reporting and data quality practicesReply to 316/15
325/15Legal challenges to tender activityReply to 325/15
352/15IT and telephony contractsReply to 352/15
355/15Corporate software applicationsReply to 355/15
358/15Domestic homicide reviewsReply to 358/15
364/15Supporting people with learning disabilities at General Election 2015Reply to 364/15
387/15IT software and IT strategiesReply to 387/15
389/15Website usageReply to 389/15
357/15Fixed penalty notices issued for cycling on the pavementReply to 357/15
372/15Use of genealogical companiesReply to 372/15
373/15Off-street parkingReply to 373/15
379/15Flood defence/Risk managementReply to 379/15
380/15Number of public health funeral since 2010Reply to 380/15
331/15Armed forces covenant

Reply to 331/15

Attachment to 331/15

345/15Youth homelessness preventionReply to 345/15
362/15Houses in multiple occupationReply to 362/15
366/15Temporary accommodation used outside of the Tendring districtReply to 366/15
369/15Disabled facilities grantReply to 369/15
381/15Person on housing list nominated to housing association propertiesReply to 381/15
412/15Empty HousesReply to 412/15
414/15Contaminated Land RegisterReply to 414/15
382/15Replacement Properties with Right-to-Buy fundsReply to 382/15
383/15Outdoor football pitches for hire

Reply to 383/15

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397/15Temporary accommodation for homeless persons

Reply to 397/15

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401/15Homelessness SupportReply to 401/15
402/15Electrical Installation works can heat/tenderReply to 402/15
409/15Fitness suite Frinton and Walton pool contractReply to 409/15
431/15Purposes of Council Tax collectionReply to 431/15
445/15Syrian RefugeesReply to 445/15
438/15Number of telephone calls/e-mails received by the councilReply to 438/15
442/15Time taken to pay suppliersReply to 442/15
446/15Software Information

Reply to 446/15

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461/15Software development and testing needsReply to 461/15
463/15Female Genital Mutilation Protection ordersReply to 463/15
468/15Software applications used by the councilReply to 468/15
484/15Funding of advice servicesReply to 484/15
477/15Electronic vehicles and charging pointsReply to 477/15
450/15Stray dogs seized by the councilReply to 450/15
478/15Costs of impounding stray dogs Reply to 478/15
473/15Licensing and Health and Safety at eventsReply to 473/15
485/15Financial Services

Reply to 485/15

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506/15Civil Parishes in the Tendring Area

Reply to 506/15

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509/15Pension fund for CouncillorsReply to 509/15
516/15Compensation claims made against the CouncilReply to 516/15
517/15Public Spaces Protection OrdersReply to 517/15
528/15Statistics on Freedom of Information Act RequestsReply to 528/15
530/15Empty Council buildings used by the homeless in winterReply to 530/15
548/15Part night lightingReply to 548/15
489/15Recycling and waste support and maintenance contractsReply to 489/15
490/15Licences issued by the Licensing DeptReply to 490/15
493/15illegal Traveller Encampments

Reply to 493/15

Attachment to 493/15

504/15Dog breeding licencesReply to 504/15
456/15Mandatory and Discretionary Rate Relief for business rate

Reply to 456/15

Attachment to 456/15

460/15Housing waiting listsReply to 460/15
503/15Homeless HouseholdsReply to 503/15
521/15Liability Orders for Council Tax DebtsReply to 521/15
529/15Pet Shop LicencesReply to 529/15
546/15Penalty Charge NoticesReply to 546/15
545/15Business WasteReply to 545/15
568/15Contacts with genealogy companies and assisted funeralsReply to 568/15
569/15Crematoriums in the DistrictReply to 569/15
570/15Garden Waste ServiceReply to 570/15
581/15Temporary AccommodationReply to 581/15
589/15Social care precept on council taxReply to 589/15
544/15Housing revenue accountReply to 544/15


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