Freedom of Information Requests Received 2018

RefRequestOur Response (s)
607/17Housing BenefitReply to 607/17
621/17Printers and ScannersReply to 621/17
627/17IT EquipmentReply to 627/17
631/17Council Tax and ITReply to 631/17
634/17Telephony and NetworksReply to 634/17
02/18Cost of Agency StaffReply to 02/18
03/18RedundanciesReply to 03/18
04/18Wi-Fi Provider ContractsReply to 04/18
31/18Data and Cyber SecurityReply to 31/18
52/18Costs of Hiring CelebritiesReply to 52/18
53/18Social MediaReply to 53/18
628/17Information GovernanceReply to 628/17
604/17Costs of disposable plastic lined coffee cups

Reply to 604/17

Attachment to FOI 604/17

605/17Preparation for the new Homelessness Reduction ActReply to 605/17
617/17Light Commercial FleetReply to 617/17
625/17Taxi/Private Hire LicencesReply to 625/17
629/17Refuse CollectionsReply to 629/17
630/17Gas and Electricity ContractsReply to 630/17
06/18Microchipping of DogsReply to 06/18
07/18Domestic Violence RefugesReply to 07/18
11/18Penalty Charge NoticesReply to 11/18
13/18Council nominations to Housing AssociationsReply to 13/18
14/18Dovercourt Bay Swimming PoolReply to 14/18
16/18Sex Establishment LicencesReply to 16/18
17/18Parking finesReply to 17/18
18/18Households in Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

Reply to 18/18

Attachment to FOI 18/18

19/18Disabled facilities grantsReply to 19/18
23/18Contaminated Land RegisterReply to 23/18
27/18Complaints about Private LandlordsReply to 27/18
28/18Homeless Young PeopleReply to 28/18
88/2018Postage and MailReply to 88/2018
26/2018Mobile PhonesReply to 26/2018
36/2018Unoccupied Council BuildingsReply to 36/2018
50/2018Energy SupplyReply to 50/2018
54/2018Councillors and Council TaxReply to 54/2018
56/2018Financial Resilience ReviewReply to 56/2018
61/2018Community Asset Transfer PolicyReply to 61/2018
74/2018Payment SolutionsReply to 74/2018
75/2018Workforce Development Training ProvisionReply to 75/2018
20/2018Body worn camerasReply to 20/2018

Part AZ and Part B installations for permitted processes

Reply to 33/2018
38/2018Contracts for bathroom adaptationsReply to 38/2018
39/2018Fleet VechiclesReply to 39/2018
40/2018Food Hygiene InspectionReply to 40/2018
63/2018Food Poisoning at US outlet fast food chainsReply to 63/2018
67/2018Tendring Motor Rally

Reply to 67/2018

Attachment 1 to FOI 67/2018

Attachment 2 to FOI 67/2018

69/2018Homeless ApplicationsReply to 69/2018
81/2018Requirements when applying for a Hackney Carriage LicenceReply to 81/2018
99/2018Paper costs and carbon footprint reduction targetsReply to 99/2018
66/2018Electoral RegisterReply to 66/2018
79/2018Telephone MaintenanceReply to 79/2018
103/2018Council Tax SupportReply to 103/2018
107/2018Special Leave/Public Duty Leave for Council StaffReply to 107/2018
112/2018Hardware Maintenance ContractsReply to 112/2018
126/2018Alcohol and Drugs ServicesReply to 126/2018
134/2018Council BorrowingReply to 134/2018
202/2018Computer records held by Tendring District CouncilReply to 202/2018
71/2018Impact of Ash DiebackReply to 71/2018
83/2018Licences for Alcohol Delivery ServicesReply to 83/2018
85/2018Funding for women's refugesReply to 85/2018
90/2018Social HousingReply to 90/2018
92/2018Prosecutions under the Housing Act 2004Reply to 92/2018
93/2018Cemeteries and Crematoriums in the DistrictReply to 93/2018
97/2018Vehicles used by Council staff

Reply to 97/2018

Attachment to FOI 97/2018

98/2018Rough sleepersReply to 98/2018
100/2018Property at Fronks Rd + Seafield Ave (Dovercourt)Reply to 100/2018
101/2018CCTV CamerasReply to 101/2018
104/2018Mobile Ice-cream concessionsReply to 104/2018
105/2018Flexible Homelessness Support GrantReply to 105/2018
113/2018Poverty Prevention MeasuresReply to 113/2018
119/2018Public Health FuneralsReply to 119/2018
121/2018CremationsReply to 121/2018
122/2018War MemorialsReply to 122/2018
129/2018Homes for affordable rent to be built in the next 3 yearsReply to 129/2018
130/2018Parking tickets issued by the CouncilReply to 130/2018
136/2018Street lightingReply to 136/2018
137/2018Expenditure on Public ToiletsReply to 137/2018
138/2018Fixed penalty notices issued to dog ownerReply to 138/2018
140/2018Pest control serviceReply to 140/2018
143/2018Payment on building and construction contractsReply to 143/2018
152/2018Street CleaningReply to 152/2018


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