Freedom of Information Requests Register

Disclosure Log

Since 1st January 2005 the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI) has allowed anyone to ask for access to the information held by public authorities.  There are some exemptions which may be applied to protect information which needs to be kept confidential.  Many requests for information can be answered by information already available on the website or provided as leaflets, reports and other documents in hard copy from the Council offices. The Council's Publication Scheme sets these out in detail.

The pages below show requests we have received each year and links to download our responses in pdf format.  In accordance with the Data Protection legislation, we do not provide details of the individuals who have submitted the requests. 
Please note that the disclosure log does not give access to everything that has been released under the FOI as some responses consist of large numbers of documents that are not held in an electronic format.
For details of how to make an FOI request, please refer to the "Your right to know" page on this site.
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