Electoral Services privacy information

The Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) and Returning Officer (RO) are data controllers who collect and use information about residents to enable them to carry out specific functions for which they have a statutory responsibility.

The ERO and RO has published his own Privacy Notices for each of those designations relating to all activities and these can be viewed on the ERO Privacy Notice and RO Privacy Notice.

Electoral Services keep records about potential and actual electors, citizens, candidates and their agents, staff employed at an election and during the annual canvass and the people who operate the premises that we utilise.    

These records may include:

  • Your name, current address and date of birth, telephone number and email
  • Unique identifiers (such as your National Insurance number)
  • Application forms and letters of correspondence
  • Notes about any relevant circumstances that you have told us
  • Your previous or any redirected address
  • Other occupants at your address (and previous occupants)
  • If you are over 76 or under 18
  • Your opt out indicator for the Open version of the Register of Electors
  • Nationality to determine voting eligibility
  • Candidates/Agents office and home addresses and those assenting
  • Those employed – bank details and roles

It is important that the personal data we hold about you is accurate and current. Please keep us informed if your personal data changes during your relationship with us.

From 2020 the ERO will on an annual basis, share the entire electoral register and relevant associated data with the Department for Work and Pensions for the purposes of confirming or otherwise the personal details held on the electoral register. In addition data from others will be utilised to confirm or otherwise, entries on the electoral register.  The outcome of this confirmation process will be used to determine the nature of correspondence from the ERO to individual electors/households.

How long will we keep it for?

The ERO & RO need to process your personal data in order to prepare for and administer elections. Your details will be kept and updated in accordance with our legal obligations and in line with the relevant Document Retention Policy .

Occasions when your information may need to be shared include:

As prescribed by law:

  • with registered political parties, elected representatives, candidates, agents and other permitted participants who can use it for electoral purposes only
  • with Credit Reference Agencies, the British Library, UK Statistics Authority, the Electoral Commission and other statutory recipients of the current Electoral Register.  The Area Returning Officer, Police Area Returning Officer, Regional Returning Officer

The following data processors may be supplied with personal data within the terms of the agreements for the processing of that data:

  • with suppliers, such as our printers to print your poll cards and postal vote packs

Further details on those entitled to be supplied with the Electoral Register are set out in a document produced by the Electoral Commission

The Open Register

If your details are in the Open version of the Electoral Register, your name and address can be lawfully purchased by third parties who may use it for any purpose.  The law requires that we make the Open Register available for sale, however you have the right to opt out of this version of the register at any time by emailing elections@tendring.gov.uk.  Your choice can also be changed at any time.

Last updated on: 06/03/2020 - 10:58