The Council's Corporate Plan

Please see the emerging Corporate Plan for 2020 - 2024

Corporate Plan 2016 to 2020

The Council’s Corporate Plan for 2016 to 2020 was agreed by all Councillors at the Council meeting on 5 July. The Corporate Plan sets out our vision and high level aims for the next 4 years.

The Corporate Plan puts Community Leadership at the heart of everything we do. It is from this central role that we undertake services or work with partners with the aim of tackling the key challenges in the District identified as:-

  • Poor health (factors being health, wellbeing, living conditions and environment);
  • Pockets of high unemployment;
  • Low economic activity (factors being job opportunities, qualifications and skills);
  • Reducing budgets whilst delivering key services (factors being governance, structure, ways of working, ‘more for less’ approach);
  • Poor infrastructure (factors being single lane A120, road congestion, infrequency of rail and bus services);

Our priorities to tackle these challenges are:-

Our Council / Our Community

A focus on engaging with and supporting all tiers of the local community, working with partners, addressing crime and delivering a balanced budget.

Employment and Enjoyment

A focus on encouraging major business investment as well as supporting smaller businesses, making the most of our assets, working with partners to boost qualifications and skills, providing quality tourist attractions and leisure facilities

Health and Housing

A focus on working with partners to help those with mental health problems, building council houses, shaping the locale and environment, working with partners to support children, identifying opportunities for local regeneration

The high level priorities set out in the Corporate Plan are complemented by specific actions to be taken which are set out in Our Priorities and Projects 2018/19.

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