The Council's Corporate Plan

Draft Corporate Plan 2024 - 2028 (Our Vision)

The council is updating its Corporate Plan – a key document which lays out the high-level priorities for the authority over the next four years.
TDC’s current Corporate Plan ends in 2024, with the plan period matching the electoral cycle.
Our Vision, a draft of the new Corporate Plan, has been agreed by TDC’s Cabinet and is now available for the public to have their say.
Encompassed with a Community Leadership approach, and a listening to residents and businesses commitment, it sets out five themes:

  • Pride in our area and services to residents
  • Raising aspirations and creating opportunities
  • Championing our local environment
  • Working with partners to improve quality of life
  • Financial sustainability and openness

Following the seven-week consultation, which ended on 25 September, the Vision will be further reviewed in light of the feedback received, before a target adoption date by full council in November 2023.
The consultation was supported by an independent company, Mackman Research, who also carried out more in-depth consultation with a representative sample of residents, as well as partners.


Corporate Plan 2020 - 2024

The Corporate Plan 2020-2024 was reported and agreed by Full Council in January 2020.

The Corporate Plan for 2020 - 2024 can be viewed here

The key themes for the Corporate Plan are;

  • Delivering High Quality Services
  • Community Leadership Through Partnerships
  • Building Sustainable Communities for the Future
  • Strong Finances and Governance
  • A Growing and Inclusive Economy

The previous Corporate Plan can be viewed here - Corporate Plan 2016 to 2020

For each year of the Corporate Plan, the Council's Cabinet pursues specific highlight priority actions to deliver against the Corporate Plan objectives.

Here are the highlight priorities for 2021/22.

Here are the highlight priorities for 2022/23.

We track the performance of the Council in respect of highlight priorities on a quarterly basis these Performance reports can be found on the Council's transparency page.


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