Work continues to reduce litter from fast food outlets in Tendring

Wednesday, 11 October, 2017

Work is continuing in a bid to reduce the amount of litter generated from fast food outlets around Tendring.

Concern has been raised about the issue and Councillors are keen to investigate what measures can be taken to tackle the problem.

Tendring District Council (TDC) officers already work closely with a number of the larger outlets such as McDonalds, KFC and Domino’s Pizza who make an effort to keep the areas around their premises as clean and tidy as possible.

However, one of the major gripes is about customers who discard their bags and wrappings out of cars further down the road.

TDC’s Service Development and Delivery Committee discussed the situation at the meeting on Monday and came up with a number of ideas.

They want firms in the fast food industry to consider sponsoring litter picks as one way forward.

There is also a call for more education in schools and colleges as well as increasing the number of little bins in lay-bys along main routes such as the A120.

The Councillors also want to look into what conditions could be put into a planning approval for a new outlet to get them to take more responsibility for litter generated by their business.

John Fox, TDC’s Head of Environmental Services, said the committee was clear that it wants something done to get to grips with the problem.

“It is an on-going issue across Tendring and we have a better relationship with some outlets compared to others,” he said.

“Obviously it is easier for them to deal with the litter close to their premises but not so easy when it is thrown out of a car two or three miles down the road.

“That is about the personal responsibility of the customer and that is where education comes in.”

The measures put forward by the committee will be investigated.

Michael Talbot, TDC’s Cabinet Member for Environment, said that would be keen to support any proportionate action which could be taken to reduce rubbish around Tendring’s roads.

Last updated on: 19/10/2017 - 11:46