Waste collections still suspended due to icy conditions as residents urged to continue taking care

Wednesday, 28 February, 2018
Winter scene

A decision has been made to suspend waste collections for another day in Tendring in light of the icy conditions.

Tendring District Council (TDC) with its partners Veolia has decided not to attempt the rubbish rounds tomorrow (March 1) on safety grounds.

While many of the major routes in the District are relatively clear, there is an ongoing risk due to drifting snow in the wind, while rural routes and urban residential streets are still icy.

And while there is not currently a Met Office warning in place for Thursday, temperatures are set to remain very low.

Talks are ongoing between TDC and Veolia to discuss catch-up arrangements for waste collections, which will be communicated to residents – but those due to have rubbish and recycling collected on Thursday are advised not to put out their sacks and containers for collection.

If conditions are vastly improved tomorrow morning then collections may be attempted, but this is thought to be unlikely.

All other Council services are unaffected, with the exception of some leisure centre classes which may be cancelled if instructors cannot reach the venue. However, all centres have stayed open with staff redeployed to their nearest facility.

Lynda McWilliams, Cabinet Member for Health and Education including Emergency Planning, said staff had worked hard to provide ‘business as usual’ where possible.

“Our advice to residents remains the same – keep wrapped up warm and to take care,” she added.

“Although the latest forecast indicates a respite from further snowfall, the freezing temperatures and cold wind remain, and ice will become an issue as well as the cold. People are advised to take care when out and about, to consider if their journey is necessary, and to keep checking on vulnerable neighbours.

“Everyone should also keep checking the forecast, as the situation can change.”

Although the Community Voluntary Services Tendring office has now closed, its Winter Warmer packs – which include gloves, a hat, thermals, hot water bottle, socks, a fleece blanket and a winter wise leaflet – are still available through TDC’s Careline. For a pack call Careline on 01255 222022.

For more advice and information about the cold weather, visit our winter weather page. 

Last updated on: 28/02/2018 - 16:27