Warning issued over scam texts

Thursday, 7 June, 2018
An urgent warning is being given to Tendring residents over a text message scam.
Some residents have reported receiving a text claiming to be from Tendring District Council (TDC).
The text tells the recipient to click on a link to view the “important message” which takes them through to a website.
However, although some TDC services do use text messages to contact the public, this specific message is not from the council, and people are asked not to click on the link.
Will Lodge, TDC’s Communications Manager, said the council believed the message was a phishing scam, trying to get information from people for fraudulent purposes.
He added: “We want to remind our residents and businesses that when we communicate via text, the message itself will contain relevant points, and any link to additional information would go through to our own website, tendringdc.gov.uk, or a relevant partner.
“This message has not come from us, and we would urge anyone who receives this to not engage with it, and to delete it.
“If you have any concerns about whether a message purporting to be from TDC is genuine, please call the council on 01255 686868. We will be reporting this fraudulent text to the National Fraud and Cyber Crime reporting centre for investigation.
“We would always encourage people to take some basic steps to protect themselves from this type of fraud, such as by checking where a link goes before clicking on it, and not giving over personal information unless you are sure the person or website you are giving it to is genuine.”
Last updated on: 07/06/2018 - 17:15