Twin beside the seaside events could be repeated next year

Wednesday, 11 October, 2017
Clacton beach

The success of two Beside the Seaside events in Tendring this summer could lead to them being repeated next year.

Tendring District Council (TDC) commissioned the Harwich Festival team to organise a day in Clacton and one in Dovercourt.

Both drew large crowds and resulted in positive feedback from those who were involved and those who turned out to enjoy them.

Clacton’s third Beside the Seaside event was staged in June and the one in Dovercourt in August was a first for the area.

The aim was to provide plenty of traditional seaside fun and activities as well as live music and something to entertain all ages.

Mick Skeels, TDC’s Cabinet Member for Leisure and Tourism, said that working with the Harwich Festival team had been really positive at both locations.

“Each was extremely well received and it was also fortunate they coincided with two of the hottest weekends of the summer,” he said.

“We are currently looking at the programme of events that we want to draw up for 2018 and an announcement will be made shortly.

“I think there is every possibility the list will include Beside the Seaside due to their popularity.”

The two events cost £20,000 in total and attracted thousands of residents and visitors to both Clacton and Dovercourt seafronts.

Clacton came about in the first place as a response to town traders and businesses wanting a significant event to kick off the summer season; the second followed an aspiration of the Harwich and Dovercourt Tourism Group wanting to raise the profile of the town’s Blue Flag beach.

Cllr Skeels said that should the days be repeated next year they would look to have more traders and stalls at Clacton and increase the number of portaloos at Dovercourt.

“We were pleasantly surprised how well it went at Dovercourt and many said they had never seen the seafront so busy,” he added.

“The sheer number of visitors caught us all out and therefore we need to look at the facilities we provide if we go ahead next summer.

“Both events created a wonderful family atmosphere which is just the image we want for our seaside towns.”

Last updated on: 16/10/2017 - 11:58