Travellers given notice to leave Holland Haven

Tuesday, 10 July, 2018

A group of travellers who pitched up at Holland Haven Country Park have been ordered to leave by police.

The unauthorised encampment of 28 units arrived at the site yesterday (Monday, July 9) evening after the group were ordered to leave a site off Alton Park Road, Clacton, following a court hearing where a Possession Order was granted.

Despite the efforts of Tendring District Council (TDC) staff the group were able to gain access to Holland Haven after removing bollards.

However, having been observed using quad bikes and gaining access to the site aggressively, today (Tuesday, July 10) officers from Essex Police used legal powers to evict the group – giving them until 7pm today to leave. By mid-afternoon two caravans had already left the site.

Paul Honeywood, TDC Cabinet Member for Housing, said he was pleased the police had acted swiftly on this occasion.

“There are legal processes which have to be followed by the council to close down unauthorised encampments, which can take some time,” Cllr Honeywood explained.

“The powers held by the police are much more forceful, and I am glad that on this occasion – when there are aggravating factors such as the way the group gained access and used our land – that the police have used this section 61 Order.

“We will continue to monitor across the district for unauthorised traveller incursions and deal with them in a robust and timely manner in partnership with the Essex Countywide Traveller Unit and Essex Police.”

Last updated on: 10/07/2018 - 17:22