Traveller encampments monitored around Tendring

Friday, 29 June, 2018

Officers from Tendring District Council (TDC), working in partnership with the Essex Countywide Traveller Unit (ECTU) and police are continuing to monitor and respond to traveller encampments in the area into the weekend.

Around 17 caravans are at Holland Haven, and travellers there are being served with a Direction to Leave notice this afternoon (Friday, June 29) by ECTU.

Five vehicles are on a new encampment on land off Harwich Road, Horsley Cross, who have been spoken to by officers from TDC. The usual process for tackling illegal encampments has been started.

Travellers have also pitched up on land at Clacton Airfield. This encampment is the responsibility of the private landowner, but it is understood efforts are being made to move this site along swiftly ahead of a planned circus on the land. The rules for dealing with travellers on private land differ from public land.

There are no longer travellers at sites in London Road, Clacton, Coronation car park or the Columbine Centre, Walton-on-the-Naze, or at Patrick’s Junction, Harwich, at this time.

Paul Honeywood, TDC Cabinet Member for Housing, said such a seasonal influx of travellers was to be expected.

“There are clear legal procedures that we need to follow when dealing with illegal encampments, and in each case where there is such a traveller site on council-owned land we will be following them as fast as possible,” he said.

“I know residents can sometimes be frustrated at the length of time it takes to evict travellers from unauthorised sites, but I would reassure them that we move as quickly as the law allows.

“Our monitoring of unauthorised traveller encampments includes making sure they do not leave rubbish on the site when they leave.”

Last updated on: 29/06/2018 - 17:56