Town centre car park to be extended

Tuesday, 11 June, 2019
Westleigh House

Demolition is due to begin later this month of a disused Tendring District Council (TDC) office building to make way for extra parking.

Westleigh House, on Carnarvon Road, Clacton, has not been used by the authority since coastal defence contractors moved out in 2015.

As part of TDC’s Transformation Project the building is being demolished and the site turned into an additional area of the High Street car park.

The Transformation Project will also see improved use of technology, modern working methods, and a move out of the Weeley site – with the aim of improving service delivery and working more efficiently.

Demolition work is scheduled to begin next week, with a compound being installed this week for the contractors and for public safety.

The site is currently used by some TDC staff for car parking, which will stop when work is underway. However with the increasing use of home working as part of the Transformation Project, and encouraging staff to walk or cycle to work, the loss of spaces will have a minimal impact.

Carlo Guglielmi, TDC Cabinet Member for Finance and Corporate Resources, said the demolition was a sign of the council moving forward and a vote of confidence in the town centre.

“Although some will be sad to see the building knocked down as they have fond memories of working in it, this is a step in the right direction for the council,” Councillor Guglielmi said.

“We would have liked to have started the demolition a lot sooner, but because of a complication dealing with underground utilities services this work had been delayed.

“Keeping an empty building costs TDC money that could be better spent on services elsewhere, while a car park will further boost capacity during the tourist season and support the town centre all year round.

“Overall the Transformation Project is seeing huge investment in the council’s estate and how it works, as well as saving money by reducing ongoing maintenance costs on old buildings.”

Last updated on: 11/06/2019 - 10:40