Tendring prepares for crackdown on fly-tipping

Monday, 19 June, 2017

New moves are to be introduced in a bid to crackdown on fly-tipping across Tendring.

Hot spots will be identified, proactive enforcement will be employed - including surveillance cameras - and increased efforts will be made to bring those responsible to book.

Residents are to be asked to play their part by reporting offenders and provide evidence which can be used in a successful prosecution.

Tendring District Council’s (TDC) Cabinet has agreed to set up a special working party of officers to assist Portfolio Holder for Environment Michael Talbot in the battle and to come forward with ideas.

Cllr Talbot said that residents are absolutely fed-up with fly-tipping, as are Councillors.

“Tendring is going to crackdown hard on offenders it catches and will use its resources to prosecute them,” he added.

“However, the main aim of the exercise is not to catch these offenders – the overall objective is to reduce the increasing amount of fly-tipping that goes on all around our District.

“The main problem is small businesses which are trying to save money by not paying for their waste to be properly disposed of. They need to be aware it is a criminal offence with a maximum fine of £50,000 or imprisonment.

“If it is suspected that vehicle has been used it can be confiscated and disposed of.”

TDC Leader Neil Stock said that Tendring is mainly a rural area and fly-tipping is blighting the countryside.

“It has to be our goal to stop it happening, rather than catching those responsible and we will use whatever powers we have to do so,” he added.

The Council is also going to raise awareness of the public’s responsibilities when it comes to arranging for the disposal of waste.

Last updated on: 19/06/2017 - 10:09