Taxi fares increased in Tendring

Thursday, 18 August, 2022

Taxi fares in Tendring have gone up following a request by cab drivers.

The increase in fares was backed by members of Tendring District Council’s (TDC) Licensing and Registration Committee on 21 July, subject to a public consultation.

Following the closure of the consultation, during which no objections were raised, the fare increase came into effect on 11 August.

Both the Tendring Taximeter Forum and the Clacton Taxi Private Hire Group had requested a rise – the first major increase since 2018, despite the increase in fuel, vehicle maintenance, insurance and RPI inflation. A minor increase, of 10p per mile, was implemented in February 2022 before the current global issues with fuel prices.

Under the new fare scheme, at standard rate one mile will rise by 65p to £5.35 (up 13.8%), two miles will rise by £1 to £7.60 (up 15%) and three miles will go up £1.35 to £9.85 (15.9% increase). Each subsequent 235 yards (215 metres) will cost 30p instead of 20p – though the distance has increased – while a waiting time of 60 seconds remains at 30p.

These tariffs will keep taxi prices broadly equivalent to those currently implemented in Colchester.

Colin Winfield, Chairman of TDC’s Licensing and Registration Committee, said the increase helped to support the local taxi firm industry.

“The request made by taxi drivers, given the current economic landscape, felt to the committee entirely reasonable – especially for an industry that was hit hard during the Covid-19 pandemic,” Councillor Winfield said.

“This small increase in fares will allow Tendring taxi services to remain viable, meaning people will be more likely to use them to visit the area – supporting our tourism industry.”

Last updated on: 18/08/2022 - 17:21