Review of polling stations being held in two parts of Tendring

Wednesday, 17 August, 2022
Polling station

Proposed changes to polling stations in two wards of Tendring have been set out.

Tendring District Council’s (TDC) Electoral Services team regularly reviews which locations are used as polling stations to ensure they best meet the needs of voters, and the last whole-scale review was held in 2018.

As part of ongoing reviews, two changes are being proposed within the Dovercourt Tollgate and Burrsville wards – and these are now open for consultation.

In Dovercourt Tollgate the current polling place is Long Meadows Community Centre, but this lies outside the ward boundary. Chase Lane Primary School, which is inside the ward, has been identified as a suitable and accessible alternative, and it is proposed to use this (subject to a decision each time from the school leadership).

It is proposed to split the Burrsville ward into two polling districts; keeping the current polling place of Burrsville Public Hall for voters who live around the Gorse Lane and Burrs Road areas.

However, a second polling place would be created at St Mark’s Church, in Lymington Avenue, for voters elsewhere in the ward.

Ian Davidson, Electoral Registration Officer for Tendring, said it is important that polling stations were in the right places.

“A fundamental part of our democracy is that people have not only the right to vote, but the ability to cast that vote – which means access to a polling station which is close to them,” Mr Davidson said.

“That is why we regularly review our polling places to make sure they continue to best serve the electorate, and why we have put forward these two specific proposals.

“This will provide in Dovercourt a polling station actually within the ward where voters live, and in Burrsville an additional station which will be closer for many voters. But we really want to hear your views.”

People have until 19 September to have their say, with details of any comments made published after this date and considered before any next steps.

Full details of the proposals can be found online at

To have your say email or, for details of how to take part if you are not online, call the electoral registration team on 01255 686566.

Last updated on: 17/08/2022 - 11:28