Residents reminded it’s a crime not to care when it comes to fly tipping

Monday, 12 February, 2018
Crime not to care, your rubbish your responsibility

People in Tendring are being reminded about their personal responsibility to stop fly tipping.

Tendring District Council (TDC) is part of the county-wide #CrimeNotToCare campaign, which aims to inform residents about the role they have to play in combating illegal waste dumping.

If waste is found fly tipped, the person whose rubbish it is can be prosecuted, even if they themselves did not dump it.

Residents are therefore encouraged to make sure if they pay someone to take away their rubbish that the person is a licensed waste carrier, and that they will be disposing of it correctly and legally. Residents should also ask for a waste transfer note or receipt.

To help remind residents of their responsibilities, TDC has published advice and guidance here: Crime not to care information

Cllr Michael Talbot, Cabinet Member for Environment at TDC, said it was important residents took heed of the advice.

“Fly tipping is an environmental crime, and where we have the evidence TDC will not hesitate to prosecute people responsible – both those who dump it, and those whose waste it is.

“If everyone takes some responsibility for this type of crime, we can make our District a nicer place to live.”

#CrimeNotToCare is supported by the Love Essex and Keep Britain Tidy groups.

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