Public asked what they would like scrutinised by council

Wednesday, 11 May, 2022

People are being invited to suggest topics to be scrutinised by members of Tendring District Council (TDC).

The authority has two overview and scrutiny (O&S) committees which examine a range of issues and submit reports containing recommendations for action – based on their findings – to TDC’s Cabinet.

Each committee – the Resources and Services O&S looks at TDC services while the Community Leadership O&S examines other topics – sets a work programme each summer, and the public is being asked to suggest areas of inquiry.

These should be along the themes of the council’s Corporate Plan: delivering high quality services; building sustainable communities for the future; strong finances and governance; a growing and inclusive economy; and community leadership through partnerships.

Carlo Guglielmi, TDC Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Corporate Governance, encouraged people to put topics forward.

“This scrutiny is a vital part of our democracy, holding not only TDC to account for the work it does but also our partners working in the Tendring community,” Councillor Guglielmi said.

“Examples of previous topics scrutinised include the e-scooter trial in Clacton, home schooling of children, Freeport East, heritage and conservation, and communications.

“So if you have an issue you think needs councillors to undertake an enquiry into then please suggest it.”

Councillor Mark Stephenson, Chairman of the Resources and Services O&S Committee added: “Our scrutiny is always better when it is informed by real-life issues or concerns, focused on the impact TDC services have – or are not having – so I’d encourage you to put suggestions forward.”

Councillor John Chittock, Chairman of the Community Leadership O&S Committee, added: “A key part of our role as councillors is to work for you in holding to account other public sector partners working in Tendring, not only asking tough questions but also making constructive recommendations – so please tell us what you’d like us to look at.”

Ideas should be sent to by 17 May for consideration by the committees.

Last updated on: 11/05/2022 - 15:43