Plea for considerate parking around schools and colleges

Monday, 9 October, 2017

An urgent plea is being made for people to park more considerately around schools and colleges in Tendring.

There have been issues at a number of sites across the District in recent years and it is hoped that parents, grandparents, guardians – and anyone else taking youngsters in cars – will take heed.

The situation usually gets worse in the winter months when drivers try to get as close to schools as possible using every inch of space – legal or not.

They tend to park in areas which are either a danger to highway safety or in a way that obstructs other road users.

Fred Nicholls, Tendring District Council’s (TDC) Cabinet Member for Corporate Enforcement, said that he is quietly optimistic that residents will have the common sense to park more considerately.

“This has become an all year round problem in the past few years but it is worse in the winter when the weather is often bad and it can be darker on both school runs,” he said.

“I know it has been an issue on my own patch of Great Bromley and there are many other areas which have been brought to my attention by officers, such as Clacton and Kirby.

“It is in everyone’s best interests that drivers just take a bit more care about where they park. I know time is precious but it is not as precious as lives which are often put at risk by poor parking habits.

“There is every chance that bad habits can lead to accidents and no one wants that.

“At the moment it is causing major headaches for schools, people living close to schools, other parents who are parking correctly.”

Cllr Nicholls said that Tendring tries to be a car-friendly authority as much as possible but there are times when action needs to be taken.

“Enforcement Officers will be on daily patrols and they will give out Penalty Charge Notices where it is necessary to do so,” he warned.

“Nobody wants a ticket and therefore I am asking drivers to think and be more considerate when they park close to schools and colleges – and it will benefit everyone.”

Last updated on: 09/10/2017 - 10:37