Next steps for Jaywick Sands being considered by councillors

Wednesday, 18 May, 2022
Birds eye view of Jaywick Sands

Tendring District Council (TDC) is looking to develop a Place Plan for the area, a framework that will build upon positive steps taken recently; such as the building of new homes, and the new workspace and market project which has just started construction.

A community consultation is set to take place in September and October to see what residents and local businesses think of the ideas put forward, with the results helping the council develop proposals into a more detailed plan for further consideration.

The aim is to ensure the long-term improvement of Jaywick Sands as a place to live and work, and will depend on improvements to flood defences – which are currently being assessed by the Environment Agency. The council is looking to work positively with the community to find the best way forward and has ruled out compulsory purchase orders – an unpopular option that was considered in the past.

Also published is a draft Design Guide for the area, setting out the minimum requirements for new, including replacement, properties built in the area, taking into account latest advice from the Environment Agency and national standards. This shows how new homes can be designed in order to increase flood safety, while ensuring privacy for neighbouring homes; and protecting the character as a whole of Jaywick Sands.

Both documents will be considered by the Planning Policy and Local Plan Committee later this month (Tuesday, 31 May). If backed by the committee they will then be considered by TDC’s Cabinet who will decide whether or not to publish them for consultation.

Paul Honeywood, TDC Cabinet Member with Special Responsibility for Jaywick Sands, said this was the next step on the journey to maximise the opportunity for such a beautiful area.

“The challenges in Jaywick Sands are complex, and often interlinked, meaning we need to take a wide view on rejuvenation of the whole area which is ripe with opportunity,” Councillor Honeywood said.

“We have already done much great work, from community-focused actions tackling fly-tipping and tidying up green spaces, to building new homes and the current construction of workspace to promote economic opportunity.

“But we are not complacent – we know much still needs to be done to tackle issues such as flood risk and poor quality housing, and doing nothing is not an option. That is why this Place Plan and Design Guide is looking at a range of ideas and proposals to help us, working with the community, improve people’s lives for generations to come.

“Only by having a proper plan for the future of Jaywick Sands, backed by the community, can we attract further private and public investment in the area and ask for government assistance in tackling some of the area’s most complex challenges.”

Ideas proposed to be considered through development of the Place Plan are some development of affordable housing and services on land owned by TDC either side of Lotus Way; redeveloping empty plots within Brooklands and the Village areas; working with landlords to improve housing quality; as well as improvements to roads, such as making Brooklands one-way.

The Planning Policy and Local Plan Committee meets at Clacton Town Hall from 6pm on Tuesday, 31 May. The meeting is open to the public, and will be live streamed through TDC’s Facebook page for those wishing to follow proceedings remotely.

The committee reports are available to view here:

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