New homes in Jaywick Sands go on the market

Wednesday, 17 March, 2021
Councillor Paul Honeywood by the new homes in Jaywick Sands

A landmark development of ten new homes in Jaywick Sands has been completed.

Gipping Construction has built the homes on behalf of Tendring District Council (TDC), as part of the council’s commitment to the area. The scheme also saw TDC contractors build an electricity sub-station to serve these and future homes in the area.

Five of the new homes in Lotus Way will be council housing, and tenants are being identified for the properties in the coming weeks; while the other five houses will be sold, and estate agency Stoneridge will be marketing the properties from this week.

TDC has adopted a Local Lettings and Sales Policy for the houses, meaning priority for the council homes will be given to people from the local area. Meanwhile the properties for sale will be prioritised for local people and key workers.

Paul Honeywood, TDC Cabinet Member for Housing and with special responsibility for Jaywick Sands, said the completion of the properties was a landmark moment – but also only a step on the journey to Jaywick Sands reaching its full potential.

“We have long maintained there are many opportunities in Jaywick Sands, which if properly grasped can overcome the challenges that exist,” Councillor Honeywood said.

“A housing-led revival of Jaywick Sands is the way forward; helping to improve the quality of housing, attract investment and jobs. This project is a successful proof of concept, and paves the way for future positive development in the area.

“It has been a long road to get to this point, with many challenges to overcome such as land ownership and flood risk – and my thanks must go to everyone involved at TDC, in particular our Deputy Chief Executive Paul Price who has been central to the project.”

The homes for sale will go on the market for £200,000 after being independently valued and a 20% discount applied.

Councillor Honeywood added: “The value reflects the high quality of the build, the beautiful location and the sea views, and is an independent assessment. As a council we are not seeking profits – while the law means we must always seek value for our taxpayers – and any money which is above the cost of the build will be reinvested in more homes for our residents.

“With the Chancellor’s Budget announcements earlier this month around Generation Buy – measures to support the housing market and first-time buyers – these homes become even more attainable.”

James Hughes, from Stoneridge estate agents, said he was excited to market the new homes.

“If anybody held any negative stereotypes about council-built homes then this development will absolutely shatter them,” Mr Hughes said.

“These homes are well-built, look great, and have views on to one of the most beautiful beaches; which, thanks to the design which places living space on the top floor can be enjoyed by residents sitting on their sofa.

“The Local Lettings and Sales Policy also means these houses will be homes for residents, not snapped up as a holiday let or Air BnB option.”

Details of the new properties for sale will be available on the Stoneridge website at, while the Local Lettings and Sales Policy can be read here:

Opposite the housing development, work is underway on a £2million scheme for a covered market and business units. Ecological surveys have begun on the site as part of the Essex County Council and TDC initiative, being led by HAT Projects.

The market project received £1.972m from the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) from the Getting Building Fund (GBF).

TDC has also committed, through its Housing Strategy, to building 100 further homes in Jaywick Sands.


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