New beach hut strategy to go out for consultation

Friday, 4 November, 2022
Brightlingsea beach huts

A draft new beach hut strategy for Tendring will soon go out for consultation.

The document was approved by Cabinet at Tendring District Council (TDC) today (Friday, 4 November) and views will be sought for at least six weeks on the strategy.

It follows a review of TDC’s previous beach hut strategy, adopted in 2013, and an initial ask for views on proposed changes to the authority’s approach which was conducted during the summer.

Alex Porter, TDC Cabinet Member for Leisure and Tourism, said some of the proposals had changed following the initial consultation.

“We consulted on seven key issues around beach huts, and having now digested the feedback given by almost 2,700 responses have made a number of changes,” Councillor Porter said.

“We continue to be in listening mode, and I would encourage people to give us their thoughts in the next round of consultation on the draft strategy.”

There are more than 3,000 beach huts along the Essex Sunshine Coast around Tendring, the vast majority of which are sited on TDC land. Where this is the case owners pay a licence fee to the council for the right to place their beach hut there.

Among the changes in the new beach hut strategy are to introduce a commercial lease permitting owners to rent out their hut for more than ten days per year, and to look at how the council can review adaptations which fall outside of the current specification.

Allowing owners to rent out their hut for up to ten days each year within the standard agreement is additional opportunity not currently offered, and has been introduced following feedback.

A further change made after representations made during the summer is to move to an annual lease – instead of a licence – which will give hut owners more security of tenure. This provides additional assurance for owners, especially when huts can change hands for significant amounts of money.

Other aims set out in the revised strategy include updating the beach hut specification, developing a future-funded business plan to enable additional staffing to support beach huts, improved customer service, and developing new beach huts either for sale or rent by the council.

The new consultation on the draft beach hut strategy will launch later this month, and once live can be found on the TDC website at

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