Make your views known by taking part in Tendring fear of crime survey

Wednesday, 8 November, 2017
Councillor Lynda McWilliam, Chairman of Tendring Community Safety Partnership

Residents across Tendring are being urged to make their views known about their fear of crime.

Tendring Community Safety Partnership (TCSP) is preparing a list of issues it aims to tackle and prioritise over the next year.

Based on crime statistics and information from agencies, including the police, it has identified tackling anti-social behaviour and acquisitive crime; protecting vulnerable people from hidden harms; and reducing reoffending as the key priorities.

Now the TCSP wants to find out whether residents agree with those priorities and is offering them the chance to help shape the way forward.

It has produced an on-line survey in an effort to gather as many people’s views as possible.

Lynda McWilliams, Chairman of the TCSP, that this is the opportunity for the public to get engaged.

“We have come up with our list of issues to prioritise over the next 12 months but it is vitally important that we reflect the thoughts of residents in this whole exercise,” she said.

“They may have some different ideas and, if so, we want to hear about them so that we can take them on board.

“This survey is all about giving our communities the chance to communicate with us about their fear of crime.”

The survey is very quick and simple to complete and looks at how safe people feel during the day or after dark; has their perception changed over the past year; have they or their family been a victim of crime; and what do they feel is the main source of crime in Tendring.

To take part visit

The closing date for people to have their say is December 31, 2017.

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