Major scheme for 120 homes in countryside rejected

Friday, 18 August, 2017

A major development to build 120 new homes in the countryside at Weeley has been turned down.

Tendring District Council (TDC) rejected the outline planning application for Kays Properties on land next to and behind Hillside Motors in Clacton Road.

The Council has ruled that the proposal – which includes relocation of a vehicle workshop and new access road – goes against both the adopted and draft Local Plans.

Weeley Parish Council opposed the scheme on a number of grounds including the fact the site is outside the village settlement boundary and the loss of farmland.

It also felt that the local infrastructure could not support the extra houses and would have an impact on existing residents.

TDC received 137 letters of objection as well as a petition with 128 signatures which raised a number of concerns.

The development boundary is aimed at restricting new properties to the most sustainable sites and seeks to conserve and enhance the countryside for its own sake.

The plans involved 25 per cent affordable housing with an access direct from Clacton Road.

There was also an associated full application for land south of Gutteridge Hall Lane and at Hillside Motors to demolish an existing vehicle workshop and change of use from agricultural land for open space.

This was in conjunction with the residential development and was also rejected by TDC.

That proposal was not unacceptable in its own right but was considered contrary to both the adopted and draft Local Plans due to the fact it had to be considered as part of the residential scheme by providing the access.

Last updated on: 18/08/2017 - 09:46