Larger bins installed along seafronts

Wednesday, 12 May, 2021
New larger seafront bins

Larger bins have been installed along seafronts across Tendring to help tackle the issue of littering.

Each summer Tendring District Council (TDC) contractors Veolia put out an additional 150 bins along seafronts to provide places for visitors to dispose of their rubbish.

Yet even with regular clearing, and messaging asking people to take their rubbish home or to the next site if a bin is full, littering and overspill remains a problem.

Now larger bins have been put in place across busy seafront sites to boost capacity.

As well as having more space to hold rubbish – being 340 litres instead of 240 litres – the bins carry a message warning people not to dispose of hot barbecues in them.

Putting hot barbecues into the bin risks it catching alight, or even the bin lorry, which can be a serious matter.

Alex Porter, TDC Cabinet Member for Leisure and Tourism, said people still needed to play their part.

“When beaches and promenades are busy it is just not safe to empty them more often during the daytime, so these larger bins will be a big help,” Councillor Porter said.

“However, we still need people to use them to be effective – and the advice remains, if a bin is full please use another or take your rubbish home. Putting rubbish next to a bin is littering and is an offence. Our seafront wardens will be reinforcing that message.”

To support the increased capacity, Veolia has hired two additional dedicated collection vehicles for the seafronts, which also have greater capacity compared to the previous vans and will be cleaner.

Councillor Michael Talbot, TDC Cabinet Member for Environment, added: “There is no excuse for littering, which is unsightly and a hazard to our environment, so we would ask everyone to take responsibility for their rubbish.”

The old seafront bins will be re-used or recycled.

Last updated on: 12/05/2021 - 10:27