KFC drive-thru plans are refused

Tuesday, 3 April, 2018

A new KFC drive-thru and restaurant cannot be built in Ardleigh, councillors have ruled.

Tendring District Council’s Planning Committee refused permission for the development, off Ipswich Road, to go ahead. A linked application for advertisement consent was however given the go-ahead.

An application was first made for a fast-food outlet on the site in December 2012, but was subject of an appeal against non-determination. Planning Committee confirmed their decision would have been to refuse planning permission and the proposal was ultimately turned down by a Planning Inspector due to the impact it would have on nearby properties.

The Planning Committee heard last night that the revised scheme had altered the lay-out to move the restaurant away from the homes, and combined with additional landscaping a buffer was now provided.

As a result planning officers had recommended the scheme was approved, since it satisfied the concerns raised by the Planning Inspector in the previous case.

The Planning Committee, which ruled on the application after it was called in by a councillor, felt however that the restaurant was still too close to a nearby hotel and homes.

Nearby residents, Ardleigh Parish Council and Colchester Borough Council had objected to the proposals, citing concerns over the impact on nearby residents, the design and location of the building close to the road, and the increase in vehicle movements it would generate.

The applicants estimated in their proposal that the restaurant would create around 45 jobs.

Last updated on: 03/04/2018 - 14:09