Inspector rules against residential development

Friday, 6 October, 2017

A Government inspector has ruled against plans to build a residential development of 14 homes on a site in Great Bromley.

The scheme was put forward by Mr and Mrs Alan Hicks for land at the front of Ardleigh Road and Carringtons Road.

The original proposal was for between 30 to 40 homes but that was reduced to 14.

Tendring District Council (TDC) originally turned down the application in March and the applicant went to appeal in a bid to have the decision overturned.

However, inspector Graham Chamberlain came down in favour of the Council and dismissed the appeal.

He decided the plans were against rural housing policies and would result in homes that were remote and away from services and facilities needed on a daily basis. Also there was nothing put forward to provide for affordable housing.

“The appeal scheme would result in notable urbanisation of the countryside and I have not been presented with an ecological assessment,” added Mr Chamberlain.

Last updated on: 06/10/2017 - 15:53