Homes plan outside development boundary rejected

Wednesday, 4 October, 2017

Plans to build seven new homes outside the settlement development boundary of Great Bromley have been rejected.

The scheme for land north off Harwich Road was turned down on policy grounds and because it is both environmentally and socially unsustainable.

The proposal involved all bungalows with one, one and a half storey unit in the middle.

Tendring District Council’s (TDC) Planning Committee last night refused planning permission with six votes against, one in favour and four abstentions.

Great Bromley Parish Council made a strong plea for the development as it could have provided a much-need new footpath for villagers.

It was felt that the footpath would improve road safety and people would have better access to facilities and services without having to use a car.

Councillors had a great deal of sympathy for residents but felt they could not grant approval.

Cath Bicknell, TDC’s Head of Planning, said: “Great Bromley and Frating are smaller rural settlements and this scheme is outside the settlement development boundary of both.

“We have an identified five year supply of housing land and need to resist development of land outside the boundaries.”

It was pointed out that a nearby development of six houses and a shop had been given the go ahead – but that was before the five year supply of housing land had been achieved.

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